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Luxury Villas

When it comes to planning a getaway, you say, “The more the merrier!” It doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming up a romantic weekend with your bae or gathering a group of friends and fam. When you need space and lots of it—and when don’t you?—villa accommodation is the way to slay your holiday. Score a villa with tennis courts for matches between friends. Loser cooks dinner in the gorgeous family-style kitchen or buys rounds at the nearest bar. And once the bet is settled, relax together on the patio or in the parlour with wild stories from your latest jet-setting adventures.

Crave some waves? Browse our beachfront villas for accommodation with epic views. If you’re trying to save your travel dollars for art market shopping and snap-worthy fine dining, scoop up a stunning island villa on a budget. No need to worry about skimping on luxe amenities and awesome ambiance when you’re staying in a villa by the sea. And hey, you don’t even have to invite your travel mates along. When your BFF asks what you plan to do with all those rooms to yourself, just tell them you’ll sleep like a baby…in a different bed every night.

When you aren’t wandering the gorgeous halls and celebrating life in a stellar setting, take in the local culture and landscape. Venture into the nearest city for vibrant nightlife, go swimming, and eat like kings and queens. Unzipping sweet deals on cheap villa holidays with lets you live large with small pockets. Win-win!