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Self-care isn’t all face masks and yoga poses. Sometimes it can be how you treat yourself on holiday (or taking a holiday at all). The ultimate escape? Throwing worry out the window and setting down your stress. Enter the bed and breakfast. Not only are you surrounded by home comforts, but your stay comes with meals, and we’re not talking boring old continental breakfast buffets here. Home cooking and a private room that someone else cleans? Don’t mind if you do.

From romantic gardens and sunny patios to luxurious pools, B&B accommodation promise at-home-but-better vibes when you need a break but still want your creature comforts. Scaling back doesn’t mean skimping on the finer things, either. Bed and breakfasts may be a little on the cosy side, but they’re sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite for happy travels. Many feature private entry for the introverts and communal areas for when you’re feeling social. See and be seen, or stick to yourself! Take it at your leisure—it’s all about you.

Treating yourself right also means not bleeding money just to get out of town for a spell. Score a cheap B&B easily with, and keep your cheddar for something better. Even better news—some budget bed & breakfast amenities include in-room kitchenettes and tea and coffee. Sure, you can splash out cash at a fancy restaurant, but some nights you just want to kick back. Hole up in a cosy world of your own, cook an easy meal in, and go at your own pace.

We get it: you never know when the need for “me time” may strike. Luckily, is at your beck and call when you’re looking for an affordable place to give stress the cold shoulder. A super-chill getaway with pampering amenities for a steal? Go on, take it—you deserve some serious R and R in a cushy B and B.

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