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Imagine this: hopping from city to city with nothing but a backpack to weigh you down. Landscapes streaming by out the train window, skylines glittering into view, new sounds and smells, cool people, a whole new adventure. Think you could never swing it? Think again. It doesn’t take months of planning or piles of cash to get out and explore the world. Life can be as simple as throwing some things in a pack and just going.

Smart budget backpackers know that hostels are easy, low-cost, and no-fuss places to crash when the main objective is adventure. On, hostel booking is easy-peasy, and your options are seemingly endless. This frees up your bank account and your itinerary, so go ahead, indulge in amazing meals and spend more time filling your social media feed. What they lack in luxury, youth accommodation like hostels make up for in opportunity. From meeting new travel mates in the communal areas to staying in the thick of it all, you’ll be a #hostellife convert in no time.

With their penchant for travel on the cheap, backpackers also know how to make the most of their time. Follow your last minute whims, not a rigid schedule, and let inspiration strike you when it will.

You don’t need to be handcuffed to the decisions of yesterday. Let’s face it—a lot can happen in a day. That’s the brilliance of booking accommodation as you go. A fellow traveller just told you about a can’t-miss site? No worries, you’re not tied down! You will always find a place on, no matter the time crunch. With a place to lay your head squared away, your wanderlust days can melt into worry-free nights. Ready, steady, go!—the world’s not gonna wait.

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