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Safari Accommodation

What do you get when you cross a safari tent with a holiday bungalow? Besides a wicked-good time, you get a safari tentalow. Yes, this is definitely a thing, and it will be the centre of your most epic getaway yet.

You fancy yourself a nature lover and you’d rather observe animals safely in their natural habitat than online or from behind bars. But here’s the thing: You also can’t turn down the promise of luxe accommodation on your next holiday. You’re in luck! The rugged landscape and outdoor adventures of Africa will keep your itinerary exciting, while our awesome safari tentalows will make sure the “glam” stays in glamping.

If you get anxious just thinking about sleeping on the ground or exposed to the elements, you’re in good company. Glamping on a budget with involves plush bedding, clean and enclosed accommodation, and crazy-romantic vibes. What isn’t enticing about a secluded setting and a dark sky filled with stars? You could even book a tentalow with a spa bath, lamp-lit patio, or waterfront location. Is it getting hot in here, or are we just leaning too close to the campsite bonfire?

On the other hand, if kiddos are part of your travelling entourage, they are going to have the time of their lives! The youngsters can encounter awesome animals at a safe distance, stay up late to count shooting stars, and tell ghost stories by candlelight. Actually, that sounds pretty great with or without kids!

If you’re still trying to convince yourself to go for and book a safari getaway, just remember that this is the perfect occasion for wearing a sassy pith hat and being able to tell your friends and fam, “Sorry, can’t do dinner next week. I’M GOING ON SAFARI”. Score the hottest travel deals from and #treatyoself.

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