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Houseboat Hire

Next time you feel the walls of your office caving in, don’t just grin and bear it. Instead, head for greener pastures. Or, bluer waters. Why not set sail on your next holiday? Not on a sloop or a schooner, or a rowboat with a sheet tied to a broomstick. We’re thinking of something more along the lines of a floating mansion. Well, maybe not a mansion—we’re not sure those float all that well. How about a houseboat? You can bust out the big bucks for something that’s yacht-esque, but if you don’t feel like spending like Kimye, has epic deals on budget houseboat rentals.

As The Lonely Island would say, you’re on a boat! And not just any boat. This one’s got a living room, a dining room, full-service kitchen, and an upper deck with a hot tub. Tell us the last time you saw a floating vessel with stuff like that aboard—leave Richard Branson’s fleet out of it. But he won’t even be on your radar as you cruise up a river looking for a private cove to claim as your own. Bury your booty in the sand—literally and figuratively—and sip a glass a fine Caribbean rum. Hey, you’re on holiday.

Spending a holiday in a ritzy hotel is great, but you’ve been there and done that. Something new is on the horizon, and it comes in the form of a cheap houseboat hire from It’s time to hoist the jolly roger and take the helm, literally, of your own accommodation.

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