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If you find yourself daydreaming of sunny skies, flatmate-free living and a whole lot of nothing on your schedule, it may be time to recharge your happiness battery. With nicknames like “Treasured Islands of the South Pacific” and “Cradle of Polynesia”, Samoa holiday packages are the perfect place for you to really get off the grid.

Things to Do in Samoa

Ever stared up at lush green palms as you float effortlessly 30 m below sea level? If this is your longtime fantasy, Samoa holidays have got you covered. To Sua Trench sinkhole, on Upolu, is a combination of thrilling and chilling—once you get over the heart-pounding climb down the ladder, the pools are oh-so-relaxing. After your soak, head to the Samoan Cultural Village in Apia to see cooking demonstrations and even live tattooing, if you’re lucky (or not so lucky, depending on how you feel about needles).

Look into Samoa car hire deals on and take yourself on a tour of the less-developed Savai’i Island. Swim among the Afu A’au waterfalls on the south shore to feel like you’re living in The Beach (no Leo provided, unfortunately). On the northern coast, treat yourself to some creep factor at Sale’aula’s eerie, lava-ruined churches and the “Virgin’s Grave”. The girl buried here was purportedly so pure that the lava flowed around her grave. (There are no such requirements just for visiting, though you should ask the locals for permission.)

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

The Apia flea markets are the place to be to shop ‘til you drop, island-style. Find wood carvings, kava bowls, lavalava sarongs and unique jewellery (which may look like teeth, but don’t worry, they’re probably not). If you purchase Samoa packages to Savai’i, stay near the village of Salelologa, which has the island’s only ferry terminal, for the best shopping. Pick up a chilly niu (drinking coconut) and browse the produce markets for breadfruit, paw paws, ladyfinger bananas and other funny-sounding fruits.

Speaking of food, there’s no shortage of it here thanks to fertile volcanic soil and the bounty of the sea. At fia fia (feast) nights, pretty much anything comes wrapped and baked in banana leaves: crayfish, octopus, tuna and more, with plenty of coconut cream and banana. Western-style cuisine is also available for those who want a taste of home.

If it’s not fia fia night, your Samoa holiday can still have badass entertainment; just ask around to find the local fire knife dancing club. Yes, you read that right! Siva afi involves spinning flaming, towel-covered knives—and there ain’t no party like a fire knife party, cuz a fire knife party don’t stop (OK, it does eventually). Looking for even more excitement? Both islands have plenty of opportunity for you to chug Coco Locos and boogie the night away. On Apia, head to Beach Road; on Savai’i, you’ll find the most action in Salelologa.

What’s Next?

It’s easy to see why Samoans are called “the happy people” and you can join them with just a few clicks of the mouse. Check out Samoa holiday deals on and get ready to party like a Polynesian—just don’t try to bring fire knives on the plane.

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