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“I really regret that tropical escape I took”, said no one, ever. Get ready to put your feet up—along with a hammock and a beach umbrella—with Cook Islands holiday deals. From stretching out on One Foot Island to exploring the bargains on Aitutaki, you’ll have plenty to do in these tropical shores. Kilometres of pristine coastline and new fishy (and human) friends are waiting for you, so let’s go!

Things to Do on the Cook Islands

We know why you want to book one of our Cook Islands holiday packages: the beach! Aitutaki is called “Honeymoon Island”, but it’s cool if you’re just not sure about your eternal love for your travel companion. You can still enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Tour the motus (atolls) in the lagoon and be sure to visit One Foot Island, site of innumerable weddings (again, no pressure) and profile pictures—plus, it has its own passport stamp, shaped like a foot! See if your guide can show you Exile Island, from season 13 of Survivor. Being exiled to paradise must have been real tough.

Rarotonga is the largest island in the archipelago and another great home base for Cook Islands holidays. On the eastern side, Muri Lagoon beckons with sparkling waters and postcard-perfect beaches. Fuel up at a beachside cafe, then rent kayaks, paddleboards and more and explore the motus and massive schools of giant kingfish just chillin’ beneath the waves. There’s no commitment here, either; Rarotonga has loads of beach spots, and you can circle the whole island in just under an hour with spiffy Cook Islands car hire options from

Shopping, Dining & Nightlife

In Muri, complement your island-style day with some shopping! You have to grab a pareu, the Cook Islands version of a sarong. These all-purpose wraps can be a both dress and skirt—for both dudes and ladies (we swear!). Traditional tivaevae quilts and contemporary basalt sculptures are sure to make you look worldly and impress your dates. You’ll also find pop-up shops on Aitutaki, especially around Arutanga.

Ever wondered what sea cucumbers taste like? (You can probably guess what they look like.) You’ll just have to take a Cook Islands holiday to find out! On the two larger islands, it should be easy to find an Umukai feast. Fresh-from-the-sea food is cooked in an underground oven and served with delicious tropical sides like coconut cream and banana. For a walk on the wild side, try eke (octopus) or ika mata (raw fish marinated with lime).

Walk along the beach of any island in the evening, and you’re bound to hear “the call of the drum” accompanying traditional Ura storytelling, a combination of dance and drumbeats that can be pretty intense. Take the edge off with tumunu, the local brew made from fermented oranges—or be a typical tourist and stick to your frozen pina coladas. You just might be inspired to shake your own groove thang.

What’s Next?

Do you feel the call of the conch? (And we don’t mean Lord of the Flies-style.) Hop across the South Pacific with Cook Islands packages on Even if you forgot your special someone’s big day, don’t worry, be mata’ora (happy)—they never have to know.

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