10 epic lastminute New Year’s Eve ideas

Don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve? No prob! There’s still heaps of awesome excitement out there, even now. Check out our top 10 lastminute NYE ideas.

1. Check out the fireworks

Hey, it’s a classic! The big city NYE fireworks displays are amazing and you’ve got to see them in person at least once. You’ll have to get there early if you want to join the crowds at the main viewing spots; alternatively, go for a more relaxed vibe at a smaller neighbouring park instead. Check out Bicentennial Park or Birchgrove Park in Sydney or Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. Melbs has HEAPS of options this year with their massive pyrotechnic displays. Head to your local council’s website to see what your nearby parks are doing.

Heads up: Many councils don’t allow alcohol in parks, even on NYE. Check their rules online before you head into town.

NYE, Sydney

2. Go formal

You don’t have to go out to have a super fancy NYE. Dust off your tux or slip on your best cocktail dress and throw a formal party with your friends. You’ll look the part and be free to dance, sing, drink, chat and eat your way into the New Year without any randoms interrupting your fun. Dress up the house too with mood lighting, ambient music and props for photos.

3. Mix it up

For many, NYE is about having a few drinks with friends. So have a house party and ask each guest to bring a spirit, mixer or ingredient for an exotic cocktail. Think juices, cream, fruit, salt and sugar crystals. Challenge your friends to come up with the tastiest, most unusual or prettiest new drink.

Pro tip: Make sure you and your friends agree in advance on who’s bringing what, otherwise you might end up with six bottles of Baileys and nothing else. No-one wants that.

4. Park it

With or without fireworks, a park is a great place to spend NYE. Pack a late-night picnic, as well as some lanterns, sparklers and party poppers and settle in for a night of chilled-out fun. Just make sure you take home all your rubbish (cos no-one like a tosser 😉).

New Year’s BBQ for the win!

5. Book a lastminute flight

Sick of the same old, same old for New Year’s? Ditch it all with a lastminute getaway to somewhere completely new. Or stay in on the big night and travel on New Year’s Day, when everyone else is nursing their hangovers. As a general rule, fewer people want to fly on 1 January, which can help you score an awesome deal.

6. Be a tourist in your own city

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same things with the same people, but New Year’s Eve is an awesome excuse to shake up your routine. That fun new restaurant you’ve had your eye on? Try it. That cool-sounding club on the other side of town? Do it.

7. Try something new

Want to do something really different? Try a lastminute experience. From daytrips to four-wheel-drive adventures, from live shows to hot air balloon rides, there are thousands of new adventures out there – perfect for seeing out the old year with a bang 💥

New Year adventures taking flight

8. Go on a road trip

If you’ve got the 31st off work, the super-long NY weekend is just the right amount of time for a sneaky road trip. Whether it’s a girls’ getaway, a boys’ break or a romantic escape, you’re in for an epic start to the new year.

9. Host a games night

Break out Twister, cos it’s time for a NYE games night. But choose your games wisely. Scrabble is really hard when you’re tipsy and your everyone will get sick of Monopoly long before midnight. Beer pong or poker should do the trick.

10. Potluck dinner

A great one for foodies or anyone who’d prefer a more chilled-out evening. Assign each of your guests a specific course and get each of them to bring along a dish to create an incredible feast fit for… well, fit for a NYE party. You can theme your dinner – say, Mediterranean or black-and-white – or leave it wide open. Either way, you’re in for some tasty surprises!

Pro tip – Ask some friends to bring drinks and mixers (hey, it’s NYE!), as well as disposable plates, glasses and cutlery for an easy clean-up the next morning.

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