10 reasons holidays are the best hangover cures

“Swallow two paracetamol and take two weeks off. Stat!” If only that was the advice we received after over-indulging. Because holidays really are the best cure for hangovers… and here’s why.

1. Holidays make you happy

Taking a break is undoubtedly good for your mental health – particularly if you need to cure some post-Xmas-overindulgence blues. The most restful holidays are ones which include a little time for yourself, some exercise, a chance to meet new people, and some good sleep, all in a warm climate (hello, beach getaway!).

Beach holidays can cure even the worst hangovers

2. Holidays give you a chance to unwind and de-stress

Xmas had you rushing from one festivity to the next? Getting away gives you a chance to escape the business (and busy-ness) of day-to-day life and just relax. Even a short break is as great for your health – say, Monday to Wednesday after a big weekend 😉

3. Sightseeing is exercise (but fun)

Exercise is one of the best ways to detox your body. Climb a hill to revel in an amazing view or go for a jog along the beach. Getting your circulation pumping will help your lymphatic system flush out all those toxins you’ve so recently ingested.

4. Morning yoga sessions on the beach

Yoga is the perfect combination of gentle exercise and relaxation – fantastic for de-stressing after over-indulging. So what could be better than doing yoga while on holiday? Add a beach location and you’ve got hangover-cure paradise.

Yoga in paradise? Yes please!

5. All the massage

Add one of the oldest healing traditions in the world to your getaway and you’re looking at some powerful therapy. Massage away the high blood pressure, sore muscles and insomnia caused by too much partying. You’ll feel relaxed, calm and ready to enjoy the rest of your trip.

6. Time to focus on your health

Holidays are a great time to reflect on your life overall (and not just your partying habits). Use them to spend time on activities you enjoy, people you love, and restoring yourself with some healthy eating and exercise. You need to get back into tip-top shape if you’re going to do it all again (and despite what we say the morning after, we usually do 😉).

7. Get more sleep

Sleep fixes everything. No, really. Research has found that our brains and bodies likely use our shuteye time to flush out nasty toxins. So your cheeky holiday naps are basically trips to the gym.


8. You’ll be more productive (eventually)

Not on your holiday, of course – that’s your chill time. But tackling work with a hangover is not fun and it’s fair to say you won’t exactly be at the top of your game. However, research has found that we’re more productive at work after we’ve had a holiday, which is great for your business’s bottom line. So instead of dragging yourself to work after a big night, do everyone (including your company) a favour and take a holiday instead.

9. All the food

They say variety is the spice of life – and that’s especially true when talking about a healthy diet. Travelling allows you to try all sorts of foods you might not normally eat at home. Focus on protein to help repair any damage done from indulging in too much fat, sugar and alcohol during the party season.

10. Make memories

Even the best hangover-curing holidays have to end eventually. But great memories and fun photos (read: envy-inducing Insta posts) can sustain you throughout the year – or at least until your next hangover 🍸 🤦‍♀️

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