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Auckland Intl. to Cairns Intl. Flight Stats

Flights from Auckland Intl. Airport to Cairns Intl. Airport - Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the flight from Auckland Airport (AKL-Auckland Intl.) to Cairns, QLD Airport (CNS-Cairns Intl.)?

About 6 hours and 11 minutes. On average, that's the length of time it takes to travel between Auckland and Cairns. (That's definitely the last time we utter the word "average" when discussing your next amazing escape. We promise!)

Are there non-stop flights between Auckland Airport (AKL-Auckland Intl.) and Cairns, QLD Airport (CNS-Cairns Intl.)?

If you're hoping to go from Auckland Airport (AKL-Auckland Intl.) to Cairns, QLD Airport (CNS-Cairns Intl.) as fast as you can, Air New Zealand has an aisle (or a window) seat with your name on it. This carrier has direct flights on this route.

How many flights are flown between Auckland Airport (AKL-Auckland Intl.) and Cairns, QLD Airport (CNS-Cairns Intl.)?

Approximately 9 flights cruise the route between Auckland Airport (AKL-Auckland Intl.) and Cairns, QLD Airport (CNS-Cairns Intl.) every day. An amazing adventure in Cairns is the kinda thing you can book right up 'til the last second.

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