5 tips for travelling to a romantic destination solo

Seychelles, in all its tropical island wonder, has a rep as being ideal for honeymooners, other twosomes and families. Despite this, I need relaxation (stat!), so travel there solo.

For Seychelles is full of beaches, Creole culture, delish street food, unique stores and markets, lush green forests and picturesque mountains, and places to have fun. You can totes do it by yourself and all at your own pace!

Seychelles is where you can slow right down on the coast and sand for days…

Cote a D’oration Beach

..gaze at the Indian Ocean, a wonder of blue and green tones…

Blue and green should always be seen

..and snap an African sunset

Nothing like an African sunset

Look inviting? Here are five tips on how to thrive as a solo traveller in a stunning island destination.

1. Island hop, baby!

I visit three out of the 115 (!) Seychellois islands in seven days: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. You can fly between Mahe and Praslin or catch the inter-island ferries, Cat Cocos or Cat Rose. To maintain the personal chill, buy and print out your ferry tickets online at least 48 hours prior to boarding.

Catch a ferry to La Digue and you get this!

Mahe is the busiest island and at its social centre is Victoria, with the main bus station, Victoria Market, Botanical Gardens, restaurants, clubs and the Clock Tower. You can catch a bus for seven rupees (less than $1AUD) per journey leg. Mahe has historical sites like the Mission Lookout and many lovely beaches with different snake-y bus routes to reach them, but my favourite beach is Beau Vallon. On Wednesday nights, head to Beau Vallon for stalls, live music, and make the car park/beach your dance floor.

Beau-tiful Vallon

For the ultimate peaceful vibes, visit my fave, La Digue. There are very few vehicles on its roads, so most locals and visitors cycle around the island.

La Digue: Cyclist Paradise

Spending more than one night here is a must. Stay at La Passe, Anse Severe or Anse Reunion to be closer to the marina and beaches.

While Praslin has a less distinct character compared to Mahe and La Digue, and public transport is challenging, it has a cool café at Baie Sainte-Anne and great street restaurants.

It also has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Anse Lazio. I adore Côte D’Or.

Like sand seen through my camera lens, this was an actual day of my life! Cote D’or

Sand, sea, sky, cloud, mountain – Cote D’or

2. Be one with nature

Seychelles is a mecca for nature lovers.

On Praslin Island there is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve. Inside its rainforest, I walk one of its three trails. Looking up at its unending canopy, strips of green interrupt the overcast sky. I am in awe as much as I am in love.

Vallee De Mai Trail

Here you’ll see Coco De Mer palm trees – Latanier Feuille and Latanier Latte – and if you’re lucky, the black parrot.

La Digue has its own green treasure in the L’Union Estate Park, where for a fee you can see baby and giant turtles, an art gallery, waves of coconut and palm trees, and the popular Anse Source D’Argent beach. I walk from my accommodation to this beach, a totally legitimate reason to buy a daytime cocktail from Alda.

Is it a beach? Is it a park? It’s both! L’Union Estate Park

Business owner and mixologist, Alda, making my cocktail at Ce Cocotier Kiosk and Stall, Anse Source D’Argent xxx

3. Be open to meeting other people

One of the best parts of solo travel is when a chance meeting turns into an unforgettable event!

On Anse Source D’Argent beach, I meet Jeevan, and after approaching him again, he asks whether I want to do a joint guided tour with David Lenclume from Crystal Water Kayaks. The kayak is transparent, perfect for viewing the clear and turquoise sea.

View from a kayak

Together, Jeevan and I discover small orange, yellow and blue fish, a ray and a school of fish among the coral.

When the ocean water is nearly the same colour as the oar

Use your I’m-on-holiday-so-I-can-talk-to-anyone superpowers and share unique destination experiences with someone you get good vibes from and your solo trip will become magical.

4. Consider guesthouse accommodation

Seychelles is seen as an expensive island destination but there is variety in the types of accommodation and rates on offer – brilliant for solo travellers!

On Mahe, I stay at the Albizia Lodge, a welcoming and helpful family-run guest house halfway up a mountain.

The super large room at Albizia Lodge

Albizia Lodge – mountain view

On La Digue, I stay at another gorgeous guesthouse, Chalet Bamboo Vert, where the rooms are spread across the small grounds. My room is cabin-like, with a big bathroom, no television and only the sounds of birds. Bliss!

My room at Chalet Bamboo Vert

Bamboo Vert is an easy eight-minute walk from the marina, restaurants and the island’s only nightclub, Tarosa. Tarosa is where the hard-working locals (and you) can let loose for free on a Friday night.

Both properties also offer a return trip to the airport or jetty for a fee.

5. Check the value-adds

Make sure your accommodation rate includes free WiFi to keep in touch with people via WhatsApp or WeChat or to complete any check-in requirements.

Also check out rates that offer free ISLAND breakfasts such as this one so you can be energised for your amazing days and nights in the fantastic Seychelles!

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