Road trippin’: Perth and Margaret River



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    • Shauna

      Hi Paul,
      It is a whole lot of fun! Especially if you don’t mind a drop or two of local vino.
      Have you been to any other wine regions in Australia?

  1. betty threlfo

    Perlhaps I am biased about w.a. but I believe it has more to show the world, and all the people in the eastern states what living is all about in the sunshine state…. p lease join us and have you r holidays over here ….

  2. Leanne Townsing

    My beautiful man lives in Perth. I visit him when I can
    But we have never been down south together.
    This is just what a long distance romance needs.
    And the best thing is we can bring our friends ! Yeh .

    • Shauna

      Hi Leanne,
      What a great answer. I’m sure your man would appreciate a visit!
      Make sure you’ve entered the competition so you’re in with a chance to surprise him. Enter here.

    • Shauna

      Hi Lorraine,
      Perth does seem great, and that’s because it is! But if you enjoy the Aussie countryside, you’ll really love Margaret River.

    • Shauna

      Hi Veronica,
      What a good combination – wineries, wildlife, weather.
      Don’t forget to enter here so you’re in with a chance to win!

    • Shauna

      Hi Amanda,
      Good to hear that you’re excited! Is there anything in particular that you’re most excited about?

  3. roger young

    have just met a new girl and this would be a great way to get to know eah other better plus i have heard so much about the margret river it would just be so great to se a little of our great country in this style

  4. Carolyn Wise

    Would love a re visit of this rugged and awesome part of our country and to show some friends from this eastern side what the wonderful west has to offer and at our age we could go wild again…………

  5. Robyn Inglis

    We have been trying to get to this area for years to taste its spoils, drink in the beauty and soak up the sun and history, and share with friends? What more could one ask for?

  6. John Willliams

    Have never been to WA. This would be a fantastic way to explore a part of this state, and to share the trip with some mates would be fantastic.

  7. Judith French

    Have never been to that side of our Continent! Have been wanting to for many years, and to have some of my lovely friends accompany me would be truly awesome.
    The places to visit & explore on the way down to the Margaret River sound so Superb.
    To add our own personal touch to this expedition would be to finish off with a great paddle in one of WA’s “Canoe Outrigging” Club’s.

    • Shauna

      Hi Judith,
      Thanks for the tip about the Canoe Outrigging club! I experienced that when I was in Hawaii but would love to do it back home.
      Is there anything else that you’d add to the trip?

  8. Sharon Barnes

    I have been to Margaret river before and the wine and food is fantastic not to mention the spectacular country side. This trip spells total decadence and I would like to win this trip and I know my friends would love it as well.

    • Shauna

      Hi Sharon,
      We are so lucky to have so many fantastic food & wine destinations in Australia! From the Hunter to the Yarra, the Mornington Peninsula to Margaret River. Wine tasting getaways are the best kind, in my opinion!
      Don’t forget to enter the competition by 3pm today!

  9. kathleen parkinson

    Hi Shauna, Perth seems like the other side of our. wonderful world(aust). I’m sure I would be able to get plenty of my friends to porter for me!!! It would be a dream.
    Thanks for the opportunity >Kathleen

    • Shauna

      Hi again Kathleen,
      Perth is a beautiful part of our country…and you’re right, it does seem like it’s all the way over the other side!
      My fingers are crossed for you!

  10. Marcel

    Awesome! Heading there this Saturday and this is perfect! Will be doing the Freo part on day 6 instead but this is a huge help. My first WA trip so pretty excited!

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