Road trippin’: Hobart and Launceston



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  1. Elizabeth O'Connor

    My husband and I have long wanted to visit Tasmania. Reading the itinerary I’m now so excited – I really want to win!

    • Shauna

      Hi Ruth,
      Tassie would definitely be beautiful in the summer, but I think it would be magical in winter too! Would you consider going in the cooler seasons?

  2. Joe Papac

    This is one trip that any Australian with half an opportunity to travel, needs to see and experience. The wild, unspoilt grandeur of Tasmania’s east coast epitomises the beauty of the greatest country on planet earth. Seeing is believing in this part of Tasmania…..just breathtaking. Add the treasures that Hobart nd Launceton have to offer in terms of history, hospitality and great food experiences and one has a holiday of a lifetime awaiting them.

    • Shauna

      Hi Joe,
      This is a fantastic response, and I completely agree with you. Make sure you enter the competition so that you’re in with a chance to hit the Tassie road. Enter here.

  3. robyn gilchrist

    Hi, we just arrived back last night from road trippin Perth and Margaret River to Albany return. Our journey started by boarding the Indian Pacific at Sydney then after arriving at Perth commenced our week road trip. Had a fantastic trip visiting every coastal town as we travelled down from Perth. We saw whales and dolphins playing in the beautiful waters, also met lovely people along the way. The coast line is just beautiful. The waters are blue and green and so clear. The cliffs are spectacular. On the return, we went via the Stirling Ranges. National parks, to flowering fields, wineries, sheep, and granite boulders. WA should take credit, their roads, walking paths are amazing. Most walking paths have wheel chair access too. No litter to be found either. As we were unsure where we would end up each day, booking accommodation through was so easy. We managed to get some terrific deals by booking only a few hours ahead of our arrival and all were 4 star accommodation at very reasonable rates – the most expensive was $130 for a deluxe king room. My husband and I had a fantastic holiday in W A and we will be returning to see more of this beautiful place. Thank you, Robyn, Moranbah Queensland

    • Shauna

      Hi Robyn,
      Your WA road trip sounds fantastic. I’m glad you had a nice time, and a good experience booking through
      Are there any walking trips in Tasmania that you’d like to go on?

  4. Christopher Sims

    Tassie is the often overlooked jewel in Australia’s crown. It is a compact, and fantastic place for a weeks break. I would be thrilled to be able to go and explore with my mates for a week, sensational!

    • Shauna

      Hi Christopher,
      You’re right – it is much overlooked, and much overrated!
      What sights would you try and see if you get there?

  5. Jim Dionysius

    Have planned to visit Tasmania for a long time. I think it is a much overlooked holiday destination and will get there some day.

  6. Susan Heinrich

    Tasmania has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Really would love a trip here. Looks even more beautiful than I imagined. Love the song lists to.

    • Shauna

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the feedback! I thought long and hard about that song list 😉
      Is there anything in particular that you’d like to do in Tassie?

  7. Sarah Tancred

    Tasmania has been in my radar for ten years and still I haven’t been. I live in the north of WA but love winter with it’s food and warm fires. I would love to go to Tasmania and see it in winter time and do some trecking around the mountains and countryside. Oh yeah!

  8. Nicky L

    I have done two roadtrips now from UK to Australia first from Sydney to Cape Tribulation second from Melbourne to Perth – have loved the diversity of both but third on my list is Tasmania it looks absolutely stunning and distances are relatively short and manageable for us Brits! 🙂

    • Shauna

      Hi Nicky,
      I’m very jealous! It’s funny how us Aussies don’t spend much time in our own country, isn’t it?!
      Cape Tribulation would be incredible – would you recommend it?

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