Hot hotel alert: 18 reasons to stay at the PUBLIC in NYC

Here’s why you need the PUBLIC– New York’s hottest new hotel, with serious futuristic vibes – in your NYC future.

1. Luxury for all – It might sound like a lofty goal but what’s not to love about a hotel that aspires to offer “Great service. Great style. Great experience. Great price” ? Tick, tick, tick, tick. Focusing on the things that matter to guests without unnecessary extras is a serious win for the modern traveller.

2. It’s the hot new thing – New York loves a new star and the PUBLIC is ‘the place to stay’ on everyone’s lips. Walking down the manicured pathway, surrounded by lush greenery, it’s immediately obvious this isn’t your average NYC accommodation.

3. You’ll feel like you’re in the future – The best word to describe the PUBLIC is ‘futuristic’, which makes it pretty fun to stay at in the here and now. Case in point: this epic escalator.

4. Sleek design – The futuristic vibe is partly thanks to the hotel’s fit-out. Think bright lights, clean lines, greenery, and a whole lot of cool factor. But, then, you wouldn’t expect anything less from hotelier Ian Schrager, the godfather of the boutique hotel.

5. All of the tech – You’ll receive an email the day before your arrival offering the option of a mobile check-in. That, my friends, is a simple luxury. If you need anything prior to or during your stay, you can reach out to the hotel’s chat bot via phone or Facebook messenger, which is pretty fun and efficient. My request for help printing Broadway tickets is picked up by a ‘real person’ but it’s still fun to test the service out. Emojis and all 😉

6. Well-designed rooms – NYC hotel rooms are renowned for being on the compact side – and the same goes here – but the difference is the rooms at the PUBLIC have been thoughtfully designed down to every touch and detail, meaning everything has its place and purpose.

7. Opening windows – Because a little bit of fresh air goes a long way in this concrete jungle.

8. Rooftop bar – Nothing says VIP access like a roped-off lift, which guests have priority access to. The views from the rooftop bar don’t disappoint, either!

9. A pantry – I love this concept! When you’re feeling a little peckish late at night, pop downstairs and raid the pantry for snacks, just like at home.

10. A quality gym – That stocks mini Evian waters in the fridge, no less.

11. Free Wi-Fi – Like every hotel should have but, hey, many don’t, so credit where credit is due.

12. A luxe lounge area – Located just behind reception on level two, this space feels like the home of a very rich relative with very good taste. By day, you’ll spot people working and having meetings. By night, the softer lighting makes it ideal for a quiet drink from the bar. Bonus points for the yellow billiards table.

13. The simplest shower ever – I can’t be the only one who struggles with the dozens of ways different showers operate. Left or right for hot? Which way for water pressure? Where’s that darn lever to switch from the bath to the shower? The PUBLIC makes life easy with an on/off button. It’s the little things.

14. A fab neighbourhood – Located in the Lower East Side, you’re away from the Midtown madness, yet within walking distance of great food and shopping options. Put Momofuku Noodle Bar (and their famous pork buns) on your must-eat list.

15. A Whole Foods Market just around the corner – Those who know me understand why this gets its own point.

16. A cloud-like bed – It might only be a double but the fluffy bed, which sits elevated up one step by the window, provides a great night’s sleep.

17. A hotel restaurant you’ll actually want to eat in – When researching the hotel ahead of my stay, I read some not-so-complimentary reviews of the in-house restaurant, Public Kitchen. We decided to give it a go anyway for an early pre-Broadway dinner and let me tell you, that was a great decision!

Renowned French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his team work their magic in the kitchen, churning out dishes based on the seasons and inspired by his travels.  Every dish we sample is put together with serious attention to flavour, texture, and presentation – anyone who can make a simple fish course my favourite of the night is onto something 😉 With lovely service and a cool fit-out to boot, Public Kitchen proves reviews are totally subjective and that you can’t always trust them… except for this blog,
of course 😉

18. Check-out made easy – In keeping with the PUBLIC’s futuristic feel, our early morning departure saw us touch a few buttons on a screen at reception and say farewell to the hotel, all without seeing a single person. While the desire for a human touch in a hotel stay isn’t likely to completely go away in the future, if more hotels take a leaf out of the PUBLIC’s book in years to come, us travel lovers will be in very good hands.

Stay at PUBLIC

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