Ohhh boy! Travelling together for the first time and surviving.

So you’re heading on holidays with your significant other for the first time? Woohoo!

Here are my top tips for travelling with your partner for the first time:

1. Plan, plan and plan – together

Grab a bottle of wine one Friday evening, sit down together and write down all the things you both want to get out of “your holiday”. From where you want to go, to possible food spots you want to try and how much you want to spend to how action packed you want your days to be. BUT don’t plan something for everyday, leave some free for those lastminute unplanned moments or surprises that you may want to arrange 😉

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2. Choose the right destination

Pick a destination that’s right for both of you. Even though you may love all things snow, skiing and mountains, your partner (like mine) might hate the cold . Find middle ground for your first trip so you’ll both be happy and keep major compromises for future trips 😉

3. Make your own hashtag

You’re going to make all your friends super jelly back home by posting loads of images from your trip so why not make your own fun hashtag? That way it’s basically an album for you when you get back, your friends just have to go to one place to stalk you AND it’s a super cute idea 😉

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4. Everyone hates it but you need to do it

If you’re like me and don’t yet live with your partner, you probably don’t have a shared account and you probably don’t chat about money that much. If you’re both paying your own way, it’s important you’re on the same page. You don’t want to rock up at the airport and find while you’ve been bringing your lunch to work every day to save, save, save, he hasn’t factored in his spending money. Chat from the planning get-go about the type of accommodation you have in mind, what you’re willing to splurge on (tickets to an amazing show for example) and save on (maybe eating out). The set a budget and save to make it happen.

5. Compromise – it goes both ways

It can be a good thing! If your partner isn’t into the sunset horse riding along the beach and you’re not into the super muddy quad biking, you’re going to need to compromise. Have a chat before you decide what tours and activities you’re going to do and make sure you bring up any definite no-no’s. A turtle snorkel and sunset booze cruise could be good alternatives.

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6. Understand that it’s okay to be cranky sometimes

Let’s face it…being ’hangry’ is VERY real and needs to get sorted out really quickly, before it ends in a little adult tantrum. But it’s okay to let yourself be a little cranky sometimes and it’s okay for your partner to be cranky that he didn’t get to see their favourite footy team play on TV the night before. It’s natural for us to have our little moments every now and again 😉

7. Try something new together

Getting out of your comfort zone together is one of the best parts of travelling, from finally trying an oyster (for the record, I hate them!) to scuba diving. Doing new things together gives you confidence but it can also bring out a little friendly competition between you which often makes for great travel memories!

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8. Don’t forget to meet new people

Get out and about to meet new people together. Whether it’s another Aussie couple you overheard talking about this awesome Aussie bar that plays AFL or a few locals that know the best secret spots to go to. Let’s face it, travelling with someone 24/7 can be intense. Mixing it up with others is good for you both  and it’s an opportunity to make new friends. Who knows…you might have a new place to stay next time you travel.

9. Make time for romance

You booked this trip to spend time together and getting into the day to day happenings of travelling can sometimes push romance aside because you’re just having way too much fun riding rollercoasters or shopping. Make sure you make time for romance whether it be a surprise date, a romantic sunset walk along the beach or a couples massage – the list is endless!

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10. Don’t freak out if it’s not perfect!

Lastly…relax! Sometimes things don’t go to plan and a flight gets cancelled, the weather gets a bit ugly or you lose your favourite pair of shoes. You’re on holidays which means there’s no room for stress, live in the moment and enjoy all the little things.

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