How to fly when you’re afraid of flying

Airports have always provided me with a sense of freedom and adventure. Being the gateway to a new experience, it’s hard for me not to enjoy that part of my trip. I cruise through the shops, have a cheeky burger and treat myself to a glass of bubbles. When I’m in holiday mode, there’s nothing that can stop me.

Well, almost nothing. There is my partner, who unlike me, is absolutely terrified of flying. Where I spend weeks in advance daydreaming about our next destination, he thinks up scenarios about everything that could go wrong as soon as the plane takes off. Where I wonder what I should pack, he wonders about how many planes didn’t finish their routes. Yikes!

He isn’t the only one though. About one in six people have a fear that prevents them from flying. Fear is a funny thing, and I can’t take it away. But if I can drag my terrified boyfriend  around the world, you can overcome your fear too!

Here are five things that will make it easier to fly when you’re afraid of flying:

Remember it is super safe:

Modern planes are made to withstand more force than turbulence can create, so you’re more likely to find oil in your backyard and retire as a millionaire, than crash because of turbulence. Make a mental note, and try to keep this in mind when anxiety takes over.

Keep yourself entertained:

Once on the plane, it’s important you make yourself as comfortable as possible and keep your mind distracted. Have a look at the on-board entertainment before you fly, and pick out the movies you’d like to watch. Bring something to keep you entertained – a book for example – and schedule your activities so you’ll be busy throughout the flight. Remember that this is part of your holiday, so do something you enjoy.

Get a pair of noise cancelling headphones:

Nobody is a fan of the sounds planes make. They’re noisy on the outside and inside, and for you, they’re probably a constant reminder that you’re up in the air. Noise cancelling headphones are a miracle worker. Not only do they give you the perfect sounds when watching TV, they also cancel noise when you’re not listening to anything. With a little bit of fantasy, it’ll feel like you’re on the train.

Have a chat with your doctor:

Noise cancelling headphones aren’t the only miracle workers out there, so have a chat with your doctor and see if they can recommend tips for helping you fly.

Treat yo ‘self:

You’re doing a massive thing: you’re confronting your biggest fear. So be kind to yourself! A little post-flight treat to look forward to when you arrive at your destination is a great idea. Buy yourself that handbag you’ve had your eye on or book in for a relaxing massage for when you arrive at your hotel.

What do you do to make flying easier for yourself? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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