If Aussie landmarks had Snapchat

I was enjoying a quiet little cocktail on the weekend (read: dropping Jagerbombs and dance moves like a beast) when I started receiving Snapchats from a friend holidaying overseas. I immediately countered with a disco selfie, but I knew I had lost the battle.

Later, as I poured myself into bed, I got to thinking: imagine if Aussie landmarks had Snapchat. What would they even say? Here’s what Three-Sheets-to-the-Wind Chris came up with…

Great Barrier Reef, QLD

Great Barrier Reef Snapchat

Sydney Opera House, NSW

Sydney Opera House Snapchat

Margaret River, WA

Margaret River Snapchat

Uluru, NT

Uluru Snapchat

12 Apostles, VIC

12 Apostles Snapchat

Brighton Beach, VIC

Brighton Beach Snapchat

Byron Bay Lighthouse, NSW

Byron Bay Lighthouse Snapchat

Daintree, QLD

Daintree Rainforest Snapchat

Cable Beach, WA

Cable Beach Snapchat

Mount Kosciuszko, NSW

Mount Kosciuszko Snapchat

Think your favourite holiday place would Snapchat? Tell us what they’d say in the comments below.

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