17 reasons to never leave the Establishment Hotel

Have you ever dreamed of a holiday with everything you need in one place? No public transport nightmares, no decisions… you see where I’m going with this.

Well, I recently stayed at Sydney’s Establishment Hotel, and this is it, my friend! And, yeah, it might be a bit lazy, but I soaked it all up. From the amazing toiletries in the marble bathroom (I know, right) to the 1920s prohibition bar in the basement, here are 17 reasons why you’ll never want to leave the Establishment Hotel:

1. This is the bar. I’m sneaky and took a pic at 2pm, when you can actually see it. It’s a totally different scene at 5pm, when it’s hip and happening.

2. Half-price drinks every Friday from 5 – 7pm. One for me… and another one for me. ?

3. Heaps of delicious restaurants! Let’s start with est. – modern Australian cuisine on level 1.

4. And Sushi-e on level 4 – an authentic Japanese restaurant with two hats.

5. And who could forget Mr. Wong? You definitely won’t after you’ve tried its AMAZING Cantonese-style cuisine. Access it via Bridge Street, just around the corner.

6. PLUS you can charge all of these restaurants straight to your room, so you never need to look for an ATM. It’s almost like you’re not spending anything. You don’t get that feeling when you go out.

7. Maybe take the hotel slippers off first, but within the Establishment hotel complex you’ll also find the experiential and clandestine 1920s-themed bar, Palmer & Co. All the staff wear 1920s attire, giving you a perfect excuse to dress up. Top tip: for easy access, take the lift to the basement.

8. The Establishment even has alleyways, and they’re soooo hipster you don’t even need to go far for an insta-worthy shot. That’s right – straight back inside, my friend.

9. Le Labo toiletries. AMAZE-BALLS. Just have a bath all night and be a walking perfumerie the next day.

10. Speaking of baths, let’s talk about the bath. ALL MARBLE. Ain’t nobody got time for anything else.

11. Also this bed. Comfy ++.

12. To top off the bedroom, the lighting has three different settings to suit your mood. Shhhfancy!

13. The Establishment Hotel staff are some of the nicest people ever. You probs won’t find anyone so helpful out on the street (welcome to the world, my friend).

14. Did I mention the toiletries? Because they deserve two points. Gentle, smoky, and leathery. If angels have a smell, this is it.

15. The yummy breakfast, served in the garden room. The atmosphere is pumping!

16. The cheese selection at the buffet. Cos when it includes goats cheese, you know you’re onto a good thing.

17. But if goats ain’t your thing, order something tasty from the tempting à la carte menu.

Have I convinced you now? Immerse yourself for a night or two at the Establishment Hotel. You won’t be sorry. ☺

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