8 bucket-list beaches you’ve GOT to visit

The sea breeze, refreshing salt water, warm sunshine – what’s not to love about a beach getaway? If you’ve made it your personal mission to visit some of the best beaches in the world, this post is for you. Check out these 10 bucket-list beaches you’ve just GOT to visit!

1. Monkey Beach, Australia

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If seclusion, white sands and crystal-clear waters are your thang, then you’re going to love Monkey Beach on Great Keppel Island, QLD. The waves are gentle, and the reef is right in front of you – cue all the snorkelling!

2. Kelingking Beach, Indonesia

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Kelingking in Nusa Penida is not your average beach! The cliffs surrounding the coastline are nicknamed the T-Rex cliffs because they look like the back of a dinosaur. It’s a rugged 400m cliffside hike to get there but the view is incredible.

3. Rottnest Island, Australia

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Fan of water sports? What about surfing, fishing or lying around reading a book? Whatever you’re into, the beaches on Rottnest Island in WA are some of the prettiest you’ll come across. And because it’s an island, there are plenty of bays and stretches of coast to choose from (including The Basin, Little Parakeet Bay and Geordie Bay), all with great activities.

4. Paliton Beach, Philippines

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Who knew cows loved the beach as much as we do? Well, they do on Siquijor Island. The Philippines is an archipelago of many islands and beaches, but Paliton is one for the bucket list. Not only is Siquijor known for its witchcraft and wizardry (Harry Potter, is that you?), but it’s said the island is home to enchanted trees as well! But it’s Paliton Beach that is really magical. Its powder-white sand and secluded coast make for the perfect getaway.

5. Mirihi, Maldives

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Pick your jaw up off the sand, because this place is REAL and a must-add for the ultimate beach-lover’s bucket list. Mirihi is a small island in the Maldives, just 300m by 50m, and it was the first to introduce the iconic overwater bungalows. Only 38 guests can stay at the Mirihi Island Resort at any one time, so it’s exclusive and super luxe.

6. Port Vila, Vanuatu

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Does it get any better than this? Palm trees swaying and gorgeous overwater bungalows with the sound of water lapping below… Yes please! We could never EVER get enough of this view from Iririki Island Resort in Port Vila.

7. Four Mile Beach, Australia

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Would someone pinch us already? Because it looks like we’ve stumbled into a dream. With rocky headlands and four miles of stunning coastline, Port Douglas’s Four Mile Beach is perfection. Best of all, you won’t see a single building along the way – just beach. Bliss! If you’re feeling adventurous, then swim out to the reef for a snorkel. Then visit one of the nearby restaurants for a feast.

8. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Nice shot from Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda, @behindthelens617!

Pink sands and crystal-clear water make Horseshoe Bay absolutely gorgeous. Once you’re done sitting under the umbrellas (never!), there are hidden caves for you to explore. Or you could find a spot on the headland and watch the sun set. Perfect!

9. Isla de Holbox, Mexico

Kirsten from is soaking up the Mexico vibes

Now, if this isn’t the beach of your dreams, we don’t know what is! Complete with ocean hammocks and some of the clearest blue seas we’ve ever seen, this little piece of paradise on the Yucatán Peninsula is an island separated from the mainland by a lagoon full of flamingos. No cars are allowed on the island either, so it’s about as relaxed and tranquil as you can get.

10. Nudey Beach, Australia

Great shot from Nudey Beach, @mitchraephotography

Calm your farm! Nudey Beach isn’t what it sounds like – i.e.: no nudity allowed. Pack your best swimmers and get yourself here stat because not only did Nudey Beach win Australia’s Best Beach Award in 2018, but its relaxed tropical vibes are perfect all year round. Oh, and there are snorkelling spots just off the coast. Brilliant!

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