How to rock 24 hours in Venice (Beach, that is)

Passing through LA on your next trip to the US? Make the most of a 24hr stopover by hitting Venice Beach. It’s a short ride from the airport (Uber for less than $20USD), which means more time for exploring (or chilling) and less time stuck in LA’s notorious traffic.

Here’s my easy itinerary to make every minute count. You’re welcome.

Stay: Hotel Erwin

A cool, beachfront hotel with a fun rooftop bar that offers amazing views up and down the Californian Coast – perfect for a sundowner. But you don’t need to hit the bar to get a drink. The friendly staff at reception serve up cocktails on arrival. Mine was mixed with activated charcoal (so LA!). Apparently it’s good for you. The rooms are stylish, the beds comfortable, and the bathrooms spacious. You’re in pole position to explore.

Hotel Erwin.

The rooftop bar

Eat: Rose Cafe

A big, lively space, filled with the buzz of an eclectic crowd. Part bar, part casual dining, the modern food is delicious and served to share.

All hands on deck at Rose Cafe.

Coffee: Menotti’s

Just around the corner from Hotel Erwin, stop by Menotti’s in the morning for a flat white or an iced coffee. Pastries and other treats are also available. Don’t think about the calories – you’re on holiday 😉

Walk: Venice Beach

Venice Beach is home to the world-famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. You know – the one you’ve seen in countless movies and video clips. Take a stroll, go for a run. There’s plenty to see. While the beach itself doesn’t compare to what we have at home (although as a born-and-bred Perth boy, I may be biased), it’s great to soak up the bohemian charm and join the parade.

Welcome to Venice Beach.

Cycle: Manhattan Beach

Hotel Erwin offers guests free bike hire, so pick up an iron horse and hit the track. It’s an easy ride south from Venice Beach, around Marina Del Ray and down to Manhattan Beach (about 15km each way) and beyond, mostly on a dedicated cycle path. The terrain is flat, so it’s pretty easy going. If you don’t think your legs can handle it, hire an electric bike from Pedego Electric Bikes. For lunch, take a picnic or pick up a pizza at Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach, looking like a set from Top Gun.

Cycling from Manhattan Beach to Venice Beach.

Work Out: Gold’s Gym

Keep that healthy routine going. Gold’s Gym is an all-American icon, and it’s where Arnie used to throw his weights around. Stay at Hotel Erwin and they’ll give you a guest pass.

And that’s it. After a full day (and with a now equally full memory card), it’s time to head back to LAX to continue your adventure. Best stopover ever.

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