Screw this! 18 excuses for a lastminute getaway

Sometimes life makes you want to pack your bags and get away. Personally, we don’t think you need a reason (cos holidays are amaaaazing!), but in case you feel like you do, here are 18 excuses for you to say, “Screw it! I’m going on holiday”.

1. You quit your job. So, you finally plucked up the courage to tell your tool of a boss where to stick that dead-end job? Yay! Give yourself a pat on the back and book a celebration getaway.

2. Your in-laws want to come for a visit. What better “Get out of jail free card” than, “Sorry, we’ll be away that weekend/week/month/lifetime”?

3. Your BFF moved away. You must go and help them settle into the new place – that just happens to be in an awesome holiday destination 😉

“Oh, you’re moving to New York? Yeah, I should definitely come help you unpack…”

4. You want to support the tourism industry. Think of all the people you’re helping – people whose jobs depend on people like you going on holidays, eating in restaurants and doing all the shopping. You’re a good person. Feel the love.

5. You got overlooked for a promotion. You are way more qualified, experienced and amazing than that bozo from accounts who got YOUR job. Screw it! Time for a holiday.

6. You finished school/uni/college/TAFE. Anyone who has completed study knows what an achievement that is. You deserve to reward yourself.

7. You got dumped. And you might be sad that relationship is over, but a fresh start awaits. Get out there and get over it with a holiday. Also international Tinder

Ex? What ex?

8. You won an award. All that hard work has finally paid off! So go on and treat yourself.

9. Your partner proposed. CONGRATS! You said yes, and now it’s time to party with the guys/girls/everyone before you settle down.

10. Your BFF just got asked out by the hottie you liked. Ba-bow. You thought you were getting some positive vibes from that cutie, but it turns out they were making eyes at your friend instead. Your feelings might be a bit hurt, but deep down you know it’s probably for the best. Of course, it’s still a good excuse for an indulgent, pampering getaway 💅

11. You’ve been working HEAPS of overtime with ZERO thanks from your boss. Time to disappear for a bit and make them appreciate how much they need your awesomeness.

12. You reached a major goal. Ran a marathon? Landed that incredible client? Finished a massive project? You rock! Go on and reward yourself.

Your next goal? Bagging the best seat at the pool bar 🍹

13. You just need time out. Life can be messy, and sometimes you need a break from everything/everyone to figure out what’s really important to you.

14. You just happened to be browsing on this fantastic travel site and stumbled upon an awesome lastminute deal. It was way too good to pass up.

15. You’ve got a biiiig project due. Some people procrasti-bake, others procrasti-clean, but what could be better than a procrasti-trip?

Later, responsibilities 👋

16. Your so-called “friend” tagged you in some seriously unflattering Friday night photos. Time to disappear for a while (and maybe get a complete makeover).

17. You need some family time. Work and life have had you tied up, but it’s time to focus on the peeps that matter 😊

18. BECAUSE YOU CAN. What other reason do you need?

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