15 Gifts for Travellers this Christmas

In case you hadn’t noticed – it’s December people! Christmas is on the way so if you haven’t started your Chrissy shopping yet, you need to get cracking.

Forget the naughty and nice list: anyone who’s into travel is a good kid in our book and they all deserve something special from our 2015 holiday gift guide.

My Travel Scratch Map


The perfect pressie for the globetrotter in your life. Even if the lucky recipient isn’t a die-hard travel junkie, it’s a great incentive to get packing and see more of the world.

Note: Does not have sniff functionality.

Book an Activity on


With everything from wine tours to stand-up paddle boarding lessons, our awesome range of things to do around the world means you’ve got a stack of memorable experiences to choose from. There’s no gift like the gift of travel or fun!

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist


“The only bucket list you’ll ever need”. It’s a big call, but there’s definitely enough tripspiration in here to entertain everyone from gap year explorers to grey nomads.

Crumpled City Map


Crumpled City Maps are scrunchable and can also double as a shower cap or drawstring carry bag. They’re virtually indestructible, unlike the screen on a smartphone or tablet ;

International Mini Bar


Serve up a guilt-free mini bar experience this Christmas with a handpicked selection of alcohol minis from around the world. Salud

Touchscreen Gloves


Have you ever tried using a smartphone with gloves on? Trust me, anyone heading to a winter wonderland for Chrissy will thank you for gifting them with some e-touch digit warmers.

Travel Towel


Super compact, quick dry towels are fantastic for nomads, beach goers and people who like an active holiday. Not convinced? Towel Day pretty much proves how awesome a gift this would be.

Kogan Universal 11000mAh Power Bank


Dead batteries are like virtual roadkill. This power bank packs enough juice to bring two devices back to life AT THE SAME TIME. It’s basically the Chuck Norris of portable chargers.

GRID-IT Organizer


Tangled headphones. AWOL iPod. Gum that’s just gooooooooone. Ain’t nobody got time for that! The functional, customisable design of the GRID-IT keeps everything in place.

Note: An excellent for OCD types.

Louis Vuitton City Guide


A luxe, anti-tourist take on traditional guidebooks. These LV guides are practical, chic and surprisingly affordable. A great pick for the stylish traveller/s on your Christmas list

24-Seven Folded Travel Bag


One of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made. This foldaway bag is fantastic for a weekend away, a lifesaver if you’re flying home with extra baggage and can save you $$$ in luggage fees.

Movies or TV Series’ that Inspire #travel



A good movie or TV series filmed in a faraway place will provide a much-needed wanderlust boost for anyone with zero annual leave or limited holiday funds.

Think Lost in Translation, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Into the Wild or Anthony Bourdan’s The Layover.

Note: A good Australian option is The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. A bad option is Wolf Creek

DIY Trip Jar


Some might say this is a cheapskate idea. I say there are legit coin jar strategies out there that could see your buddy taking off using the holiday funds they’ve saved using this trip jar, so this is actually a very thoughtful present

Make it Rain

You can’t travel without cash – even if it is plastic. Grab some foreign currency or load up a travel money card to give to your jet-setting friends and fam before they take off.


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Jurni Suitcase


With delivery dates around March 2016, a Jurni would be THE gift for anyone who considers themselves a trendsetter or early adopter. Check out all its amazing features in the vid below.


Anything we missed? Let us know below!

Buy them the gift of travel!

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