6 awesome travel hacks

Travel hacks are clever solutions to common travel-related problems. They make travelling easier, cheaper or more efficient. Here’s a list of my most awesome travel hacks.

Use Google Maps in offline mode

Data roaming – the two words feared most by seasoned travellers. The cost of data roaming is extreme; I once had many dollars and now have zero dollars thanks to a surprise post-holiday phone bill. This hack will help keep cash money in your pocket for your next adventure.

The Google Maps app has a feature that allows you to save maps in offline mode for both iOS and Android. Preload the maps you need before you leave home, and you’ll be able to access maps while you’re travelling without cellular data or Wi-Fi. You won’t be able to use the directions feature but you’ll still be able to get your lost and confused ass back to your hotel.

Google Maps Travel Hacks

Pack foldable luggage in your carry-on

Planning a shopping trip? Don’t be a sucker and pay for that empty suitcase on the way there. This hack will thrill your inner recessionista.

So here’s the deal: Strandbags sell a folded travel bag. It’s a full-sized duffel bag that folds up into a small, satchel-sized little package that can easily be put in to your carry-on luggage. Fill it with your purchases during your trip and voila! You have luggage to bring it all home in.

Folded Travel Bag

Travel with a power board

Think about it.  More often than not you pack way more devices than international power adapters, and there are few things worse than being at 10% and having to wait your turn. This hack will make you a digital warrior leading the battle against #FirstWorldProblems.

Pack a power board whenever you travel overseas. You’ll only need one international power adapter to charge multiple devices at the same time. It’s also a good idea to keep it in your carry-on so you can charge on at the airport without separating from the group.

Power Board

Pack a pillowcase in your carry-on

I love scoring a cheap flight, which often means flying with an airline that doesn’t provide you with a pillow. Or it’s a really tiny pillow. Or a dreaded neck pillow. This hack will have you saving money in your sleep.

Pack a pillowcase in your carry-on luggage, then stuff it with your jacket or clothes to get a human-sized pillow. You also double the hack by saving room in your checked baggage.


I can’t sleep on a plane because neck pillow.

I can’t sleep on a plane because neck pillow.

Use Google Translate app in offline mode

I may know my ‘ni haos’ from my ‘bonjours’, but I’m no linguist. This hack will make you the polyglot you always wanted to be, but couldn’t because wine.

Before you leave home, preload the Google Translate app with common phrases (or phrases you have trouble pronouncing) so you can show or play them back whenever you need to without ruining your credit score using data roaming. If you’re an Android user, you can follow these instructions to use a whole language in offline mode.

Google Translate Travel Hacks

Turn your carry-on luggage into a scooter

Ever been running late for a flight and had to run through the airport yelling go-go-Gadget scooter? Not even to just see if it worked? Yeah, nah, me neither. This hack will have you kickin’ it with the youths.

Micro luggage is literally a piece of carry-on luggage that converts into a scooter in one swift motion. You can get your very own scootcase from Micro here for $400.

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