7 of the world’s most amazing ice-creams

If you remember the days when ice-cream was nothing but a waffle cone full of vanilla soft serve and a bunch of sprinkles thrown on for colour, we’ve got news for you – ice-cream has seriously upped its game.

Now there are ice-cream tacos, rainbow ice-creams with unicorn horns, alcoholic concoctions (not for kiddies!), fairy floss clouds, and even watermelon-stuffed sweet thangs. Mind. Officially. Blown.

So whatever ice-cream is your fave, these are sure to hit the spot. Get ready for an epic brain freeze, because these are the most amazing ice-creams in the world.

1. Milk Train, London

Holding onto a Milk Train ice-cream in London is like having a little bit of magic right in the palm of your hand. These guys have perfected the art of the soft serve and stepped it up a couple of notches too. Ice-cream wrapped in a cloud of fairy floss, anyone? Don’t mind if we do!

2. Rollies, Ohio

You might think that tacos are already the pinnacle of culinary perfection (because they are), but what if we told you that Rollies in Ohio have taken them to the next level? That’s right, they’ve created ice-cream tacos. Taco Tuesday has a whole new meaning… and we’re up for it!

3. Stuffed Ice Cream, New York

If one, two or three scoops of ice-cream doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, then Stuffed Ice Cream in New York have got the goods for you. They sell an epic 21-scoop cone and if that isn’t enough, they also have the Cruff. It’s a glazed donut stuffed with ice-cream. YUM!

4. Nosteagia, London

Lovers of bubble tea and Asian sweets, this one’s for you! Nosteagia is all about combining desserts with nostalgic foodie favourites and have created some OTT treats as a result. Oh, and did we mention their bubble teas are absolutely delish too? True story!

5. Tipsy Scoop, New York

Adults-only ice-cream comin’ atchya! Thanks to the good people at Tipsy Scoop in NYC, we can get boozy over sweet treats and that sounds like fuuuun. Each ice-cream flavour is infused with alcohol and inspired by classic cocktails, with favourites including salted caramel apple brandy and strawberry white sangria sorbet. Cheers to that!

6. I-Creamy Artisan Gelato, Sydney

He loves me, he loves me not… Look, let’s be honest, with ice-cream this good, who cares if he loves you or not? All we can say is that I-Creamy Artisan Gelato are serving up some of the prettiest handmade scoops in town. All the flavours are made in-house every day and founder Ben has taken gelato-making to the next level by studying to be a gelato master at the official Carpigiani Gelato University. The stacks of awards his creations have won speak for themselves.

7. Moo Gelato and Dessert Bar, California

We’ve always said there aren’t enough unicorn horns in ice-cream, so we’re glad to see The Moo Gelato & Dessert Bar are finally bringing them to the masses. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Moo also serves up mermaid tails, handcrafted drinks and some of cutest sweet treats we’ve ever seen!

What’s your go-to for amazing ice-cream?

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