What to do in Kakadu!

Read up on Jen’s girls weekend for a snippet of what to do in Kakadu!

Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn looks like a crocodile!

Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn

You’ve got a long weekend coming up and you want to grab a mate and do something fun but you don’t know where to go? Well, Kakadu is the place for you! You’ll fall in love with the flora and fauna, the seclusion, the great service and the countless ideas of things to do! And being only a two and a half hour drive from Darwin, it’s great for both locals and tourists visiting the top end!

Day One:

We’re off to our first destination, the Gagadju Crocodile Holiday Inn, which is – you guessed it, ingeniously shaped like a crocodile! We arrive earlier than expected and upon recommendation from the manager, decide to watch the sunset from Ubirr Rock.

You could spend a good few hours following the tracks around this area to see incredible Aboriginal rock art, but we had just enough time

Kakadu Tasting Platter at the Escarpment Restaurant and Bar

Kakadu Tasting Platter

to trek to the top of the lookout to take in the most incredible views of the Nardab flood plain as the sun slowly met with the horizon. It’s like a scene from the Lion King – I have to refrain from belting out the ‘Circle of Life’.

Afterwards we head back to our lovely room to get ready for dinner at the Escarpment Restaurant and Bar which is where we sampled the popular Kakadu Platter – a tasting platter consisting of croc, barra and buffalo – true NT style!

Day Two:

Gagudju Adventure Tour

Gagudju Adventure Tour

It’s 5am on Saturday and we’re getting ready to make our way to our next stop, Gagadju Lodge Cooinda, which is roughly 30 to 45 minutes from the Crocodile Holiday Inn. Today’s plan is to go on an off road adventure with Gagadju Adventure Tours.

First stop, Twin Falls which is only accessible by boat, followed by a short walk. Swimming isn’t allowed here but the view is incredible. Walking on the purest of sand, taking in the greatest of views – these are what make Kakadu such a popular attraction.

Jen and Lauren at Twin Falls

Jen and Lauren at Twin Falls

The next stop is Jim Jim Falls which takes a very fun, yet challenging 900 metre walk, negotiating around large rocks. It’s definitely worth the ultimate fitness test, because it’s just beautiful. The water is so fresh you can bottle it, and there is nothing like the feeling of seclusion when you’re lying on your back in the middle of water, surrounded by the stunning Arnhem Land escarpment.

Jen & Gagadju Adventure Tour Guides

Jen & Gagadju Adventure Tour Guides

Our tour guides, Lisa and Travis are the best! They are full of knowledge, great stories and are just a lot of fun to be around. They look after everyone exceptionally which makes the tour an absolute pleasure.

After a long day of exploring, it’s time to head back to Cooinda, have a long shower and settle in for a fabulous dinner. What a way to end a perfect day!

Day Three:

Sunday morning kicks off nice and early with a sunrise cruise on the Yellow Water Billabong. Wildlife is in abundance throughout Kakadu National Park with at least 60 different bird species found in the wetlands, as well as crocodiles, buffalo, horses and pigs.

Sunrise on the Yellow Water Billabong

Sunrise on the Yellow Water Billabong

The sunrise makes for a picturesque landscape and it’s so much fun spotting the different types of birds. We even witness a chapter out of the Discovery Channel – a croc slowly creeping up on a male comb crested Jacana and his two babies, with the intentions of an early morning breakfast, but luckily they got away in time!

Afterwards, once we had gorged on bacon and eggs from the buffet breakfast, we are lucky enough to have a guided tour through Warradjan Culture Centre.

Leaving Kakadu

Leaving Kakadu

The culture centre is amazing, it really is. It’s a great experience that I would recommend for anyone that comes to Kakadu. You learn a lot about the Indigenous culture and their way of life with loads of in-depth stories, photos, paintings, sculptures and music. After the tour wrapped up, it was close to midday and time to make the journey back home.

Kakadu, you have stolen my heart.

Until next time, happy travels!

Keen to experience a Kakadu adventure for yourself? Click here for details.

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