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Travel has got to be one of the most rewarding things in the world… the only thing more rewarding would be travelling on a sweet deal! So make sure you check these boxes and you can be confident next time you’re on a plane, that you nailed the best fare, at the best time for the best price; everything that’s best for you!

Adios steep airfares. Hola satisfied traveller (and bank account).

Log it in Eddie

Get on the account bandwagon – if you don’t have one already, then stop reading and get on it right now! Accounts are nothing ground breaking – you probably already have accounts for online shopping, YouTubing and Pinterest (hello travel dreams!) but when it comes to travel, accounts are super-duper handy for so many reasons and help keep everything neat and tidy whether you are shopping, dreaming, or actually living the traveller life. You’ll have the ability to pre-fill all your deets – even your Frequent Flyer ones – making things speedy next time you’re at the checkout. One of the best part of accounts, is they’ll keep your next itineraries safe and sound, available anywhere with an internet connection! Or better yet – on the app (Get downloading!).

Pick and Mix your tickets

How good were pick and mix lollies! You could choose exactly what you wanted and skip past the things you didn’t…. well shopping for a flight can be just as sweet – minus the sugar intake #doublewin. When searching for return flights, some sites – yep – will let you combine multi airlines for departure and arrival flight legs. So the short of it is, you can unlock flight combinations that you can’t access all the time. All the while you get to choose the airlines, the flight times, and the fares that best suit you. Pick a super-budget flight for your departure and mix it with a comfier flight on your return. Whatever works for you: pick and mix just got past the friend-zone.

Timing is everything

Get your fortune-teller on and think about the impact of choosing that super budget flight that arrives at 2am… in many cases it starts to lose its appeal very quickly but other times it can be just what the doctor ordered. A flight landing at 2am may mean an extra night’s accommodation or really limit your transport options – which can sometimes outweigh the savings on offer for flying late. But on the other hand, flying out after a day at work can be a simple way of stretching your holiday leave. These are all in your control, so be your own captain and know what will work best for you.

Some food for thought: Overnighters = free accommodation. Early mornings = crazy alarm times. Peak hour = pricey taxis.

Bundled savings

Bundling great deals is one of those exciting moments in life where 1+1=3. Packaging up a great airfare with a hotel deal can save you… BIG TIME! Next time you search for a flight and you know you’ll need a hotel (yep – even if it is for only part of you stay; think one night’s escape from the family reunion) then this option is for you. These juicy savings are here for the taking, so package it up and say hello to your little bundle of joy savings.

Be a Player: The Points Game

Are you flying every week? Do you fly once a year? Do you one day dream of stepping onto a plane? Then you better be part of a Frequent Flyer program. Regardless of how often you find yourself on a plane there are many benefits these days to these programs; from reward flights, airport lounge access and even just better seat selection. Affiliated airlines will also offer reward points – an important thing to remember when choosing between airlines. Playing the points game can be a lucrative one – and goes way beyond codeshare flights – you’ll find plenty of light/medium/heavy reading material on the interwebs.

Don’t be a crazy bag lady

We’ve all been at the airport and seen other passengers deep in an argument about baggage weight/number of bags/size of bags… Whilst providing some dynamic airport people watching, that’s not an argument your wallet wants to take on. Full service airlines will quite often include baggage with their fares, but for all others there’s always an option to add baggage whilst selecting your flight – or if plans change you can always add on prior to flying… but in all cases avoid purchasing baggage allowance at the airport – it’s one more thing to worry about and you’ll be paying a premium to do so.

From Chicago to Santiago, you’ll be flying high before you know it…. All with confidence you nailed a better deal than that smug looking passenger sitting in 23F.

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