Top five NYC nosh

Food in NYC is so delicious and amazing- it’s on a whole new level. You can eat around the world in one city!

I was in New York for 11 days and I tried a new place every day (I was lucky as my best friend lives there and she gave me a list of all her fave places to eat).

Here is my top five list of NYC nosh – I’ve gone for a variety here – from fancy to cheap, from a roof top with hipster vibes to a traditional NYC must do and, last but not least, a totally unique New York experience.

 #1: Murrays – The Cheese Shop on Bleaker Street. Greenwich Village.

Murrays is a fave with locals and tourists and has every single type of cheese you can think of. Next door is a cheese bar where you can taste any cheese you want- and they select the wine to go with it. Um, YES PLEASE 😀

Pictured here is a stinky blue with stewed fruit, manchego with honey and goats chevre with a pickle. It’s the sort of place you can just walk into at any time. I recommend going before lunch or dinner.

#2: Meatball Shop – a franchise (that doesn’t feel like a franchise) – we went to the one in Chelsea, near the High Line.

This place is so cool! You order from a laminated menu and select what you want using a felt pen. Think venison, beef, and chicken meatballs with any side you can think of including pasta, rice, polenta or mashed potato. Then you can choose what ever sauce you want: bolognaise , mushroom, curry – amazeballs (get it? ;))

It’s a really fun, interactive way of ordering and eating food. We went in a group and shared all the options on the menu. Our fave was the venison and beef meatball – #omnomnom! It was also one of the cheapest places to eat on my trip. Another highlight was a chocolate cookie sandwich – with port flavoured icecream for dessert which I washed down with one of their delicious AF cocktails.

#3: Eataly – there’s just no where like it in the world… except probs Italy.

Basically Eataly is like a big hall/marketplace that has restaurants, bakeries, wine bars, and there’s even a cooking school! It’s bustling – and I love Italian food so it was like walking into heaven. There’s also a shopping hub which is split into the regions of Italy and you can buy food from those regions.

We started off with bread and wine at an antipasto bar (gotta line the stomach!). Then we had dinner at La Pizza and La Pasta and feasted on shared dishes and for dessert I had the best salted caramel gelato of my life!

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#4: Mr Purple – EAST Village.

On top of Hotel Indigo’s 15th floor is a rooftop bar called Mr purple. It has the most EPIC views of NYC – from the Brooklyn Bridge to the East Village.

I had a ginger mule cocktail served out of a gorgeous Julep cup (#sofancy) and the most delicious white bean hommus I think I’ve ever had in my life. If you want a trendy East Village experience, this is the place to go!

#5: Carbone New York – Grenwich Village

This is a fancy pants restaurant – very glam, dark and alluring. You walk in and you just feel like you’ve stepped into the Prohibition era. This was the most expensive meal of our entire holiday but you’ve gotta treat yourself – you know?  #worthit

Next to us, one of the Jonas brothers was there wining and dining a pretty blonde model so we knew we were somewhere spesh.

We asked the staff to recommend our meal. First up, we ordered a bottle of red wine which was served in a carafe, along with an Amatricana pasta, a New York specialty that has vodka in the sauce. It’s drool worthy!

Then we had a whole cooked lobster, which they brought out and fried in a pan in front of us and was served with an amazing tomato and parmesan sauce.

Then we had a massive t-bone steak, which they bought out and prepared in front of us. They took half and made steak tartare which is a personal fave of mine, and then cooked and chopped up the other half – medium rare. It was so delicious.

For dessert, we had an Amaretto bowl which was served in a giant glass goblet, with chopped banana (which was fried in front of us) , amaretto biscuits and icecream. NOM!

Who’s hungry?

Have you been to New York? Tell us your top food choice below! 

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