Surviving summer in the sunshine state

Welcome to the Australian summer! Where you get branded by hot seat belts, melt your thongs on hot bitumen and fall asleep to raging thunderstorms.

You know it’s summer in QLD when you get sunburnt walking from your car (soon to be an oven) to the beach.  When you fall asleep to the most outrageous thunderstorm and wake up to a blue sky. Here are my top tips for surviving a summer in Queensland:

Sunscreen is your new bestie

The three words you’ll hear most in summer is “Slip, Slop Slap” and it’s good to get it stuck in your head. Because there’s an ozone hole above us, we’re more likely to get sunburnt quicker and there’s nothing healthy about a tan (no matter what those GC gals say!) so remember to slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat!

PS. There have been stories of thongs (flip flops) melting on hot roads, so, walk fast 😉

Fish and Chips on the beach, all day erry day

The best thing about spending your holidays in Queensland is of course, our beaches.  As soon as you reach head for the ocean, you’ll be able to smell the salty air, feel the breeze in your hair and you’ll want to race into the waves. BUT please remember that you need to swim between the flags!

Now where there’s a beach, there’s most likely a fish and chip shop near by. This is when your diet goes out the window and you cave into the deliciousness that is fish and chips, embrace it.

Here’s 10 reasons to hit up the Gold Coast this summer.


Bikinis and boardies will become your summer uniform

Being a lover of all things winter, I really struggle to survive the heat that QLD brings – especially in Brisbane. I’m here to warn you, it will get hot and you will inevitably complain about the nonstop sweat dripping down your back and the lack of cool air but then you’ll remember that it’s acceptable to live in your bikinis or boardies. Phew!  Just remember, pack your jeans away for the summer, you defs won’t be needing them. Top 5 things to do in Noosa


Get up early and stay up late

Summer means more daylight, which means you get more stuff done. One of the best things about QLD summer is being able to get up early and go for a run (or a walk for us lazy ones!) and then come back and start your day. It also means that after work you still have 3-4 hours of light left to go for a quick dip in the ocean, have a nice bbq with the family or just enjoy the lasting light with a nice glass of wine with your SO (significant other). When I was a kid I absolutely LOVED going for a swim at night, just after the sun had set when the pool is still warm and the stars were coming out. This is probably my favourite memory of summer as a kid.

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Watch out for hot seat belts and steering wheels.

Going out in summer means cars left outside will eventually morph into an oven. When you finish your shopping/ice cream or epic beach trip beware of the hot air blast waiting to escape from your car. I recommend opening the doors and moving to the side while it airs out. The other problem the car-oven brings is hot seatbelt buckles and steering wheels. You can avoid a hot steering wheel by getting a fluffy cover otherwise you’ll burn your hands trying to drive. The worst of them all is getting branded by your seat buckle, this HURTS a lot but i guess it’s just your car trying to claim you forever. Don’t let that happen, gloves may be your friend in this case.

And lastly, here’s a very important tip from RACQ and RSPCA that everyone should read – don’t leave babies or children (of the human or fur kind) in cars.

Brisbane to Hervey Bay to Fraser Island, anyone say roadtrip?!


Summer storms, need i say more?

There’s almost nothing better than sitting on your porch, smelling the rain and watching a storm roll in with a nice cold drink in your hand. Queensland storms are amazing  and also bring much needed rain at this time of year. Storms are my second favourite weather event (snow is first!) and I always get super excited. I’m constantly watching the weather radar over at BOM (very handy) and the storm warnings when they are broadcast as they have been known to escalate quickly.

What are your top tips for surviving a summer in QLD? 

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