Surprise lastminute trip? Do these 7 things ASAP

Planning a dream holiday can be amaaazing but – let’s face it – life sometimes throws us curve balls. And sometimes those curve balls lead to surprise lastminute trips.

Lastminute travel might seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on what’s important (like finding your passport) and don’t sweat the small stuff (like forgetting to pack your toothbrush). To help you out, here‘s our pro-traveller checklist of the seven things to always check before any lastminute trip 💖

1. Passport

It sounds like a no-brainer, but if you’re going on an international trip, make sure your passport has enough time left on it. Some destinations require you to have at least six months remaining from the date you’re returning home. The Australian Passport Office website has everything you need to know about applying for or renewing a passport.

Passport, check!

The process normally takes about three weeks, though, so if you need one fast, lodge your application at a selected Aussie Post by midday on a business day and ask for the Passport RAPID service. It should be ready to collect at a passport office within just two business days.

2. Visa

For overseas travel, you might need a visa, which will take time to lodge, too.

They’re issued by the country (or countries) you’re visiting, so contact their embassy or consulate for everything you need to know.

There’s heaps of info on the Smartraveller website, but just remember that a visa doesn’t automatically guarantee entry to a country. Some countries require visitors to arrive with return tickets, while others ask for evidence that they have enough funds to pay for their stay.

While we’re dishing out advice, make sure you stick strictly to your visa’s conditions. Your holiday vibe could be seriously ruined by a fine or problems with authorities in a foreign country.

3. Safety first

While other people’s escapades can sound exciting (or at least entertaining), you’d probably rather NOT come home with your own travel disaster story. Right?

Lucky has got your back. It has info on 176 destinations to help travellers make informed decisions about where and when they travel. It highlights any risks you might face, as well as areas that aren’t safe for travel.

Looking good and feeling safe!

Subscribe to your destination’s advisories to get a heads-up if the advice changes. And keep an eye on the news for even more up-to-date info.

4. Insurance

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting topic, but insurance is something you’ll be stoked to have if you need it. Travel insurance can protect you against unexpected events – think flight delays, lost luggage or injuries you might sustain on your adventures (hey, it can happen!).

There are heeeaps of plans out there, including one that’s perfect to cover your butt if anything goes pear-shaped. Don’t forget it just ‘cause you’re in a rush.

5. Organise flights

Unless you’re flying on the boss’s credit card (we wiiiiish! 🤑), you probs want to get a good deal. has cheap flights to hundreds of destinations in Oz and around the world. Just jump online, enter your destination and dates, and press search. Then take your pick!

Cheap flights, coming right up.

Psst! Just want to get out of town and don’t have a destination in mind? Check out the hottest lastminute deals for the week. You could jet off tomorrow – no, we’re not exaggerating.

6. Get a room has you covered with thousands of amazing stays all around the world – from lavish to laid-back. With our hot Price Pledge* (um, yeeeessss!) you know you’re in for an amazing deal.

You can even book up ‘til the last second (though we’d recommend allowing a little longer if poss!).

7. Download the app

You’re all over this lastminute travel thing now, right? Cool! But before you bounce, download the app so you can manage your trips on the fly.

The app lets you book hotels, flights, packages, activities and hire cars anytime, anywhere (which is a LIFESAVER if you’re seriously winging this trip). Plus, it keeps you in the loop with notifications about things like flight delays – genius.

You can even make your friends jealous by emailing or texting them your itinerary. Not that you’d ever do that 😈

Plan your lastminute trip

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