Seminyak: Bali’s trendiest destination

Luxurious accommodation? Tick. Fabulous food? Tick. A schedule that revolves around cocktail and beer o’clock? Tick. QLD blogger AJ shows us why Seminyak is the perfect choice for your next island holiday.

Emerging as the new trendy place to be seen in Bali, Seminyak has everything you could want out of a holiday in the tropics: great restaurants, relaxed resort-style bars, numerous sandy beaches and (for the typical ex-Melbournian in me) winding laneways lined with street vendors, quirky shops and designer boutiques. This was shaping up to be the start of an excellent, relaxed getaway away with a group of close friends.
Arriving at our accommodation late at night and weary from our transit, we were all nauseatingly hysterical to open the front gate of our individual private suites at The Bali Dream Villa.
On the other side revealed a luxurious, tranquil courtyard that spilled from the open air living area and enclosed (air-conditioned) bedroom. We all literally trembled with excitement, matched with mutual disbelief that any hotel room in the world could be so gorgeous.

Bali Dream Villas

For such a compact space, it seemed like a fancy home away from home, complete with oversized bathroom with outdoor shower, L-shaped private relaxation pool and lounge, kitchen and dining area.

The staff were super friendly and served buffet breakfast each morning with eggs just the way you like them. After our first day of exploring the town, The Bali Dream Villa provided the perfect spot to debrief by the poolside bar whilst our host mixed us fancy cocktails.

Evening drink by the pool at Bali Dream Villas

The easiest way to get around Seminyak is by taxi. The drivers sidled up beside you as you walk along pedestrian pathways, beeping their horns to offer you a ride. Of course, if you’re confident on a scooter, you can hire them to bolt around town – but travelling in a group, air conditioned cabs made more sense.
We eventually wandered down to Legian Beach to laze in the sun before choosing a spot for lunch. Five deck chairs, two beach umbrellas and a couple of Bintangs cost around $12 and well worth it for shelter form the warm sun. And when your beer runs out, the man you bought it from isn’t too far away – we just raised our hand and he came over to refresh our empties.
If you’re not into bargain hunting or walk up sellers peddling their wares then the crowded public beaches might not be your thing but we had a great time! We had some great advice from Arun at our hotel who said, “Just say no thank you in a polite way and they’ll leave you alone.” We actually didn’t mind the friendly locals but if it gets too much – just be polite.

Beach sellers at Legian Beach

For lunch we decided to repeat what was to become a common theme whilst in Seminyak – sipping cocktails and munching on canapes whilst overlooking the ocean. Cocoon Bar was the best place to spend our lazy afternoon following a few hours on the beach (a few Bintangs later).

Pool at Coccoon bar

The scattered lounges and deck chairs on the poolside patio all afford great views of the beach. At night there’s a DJ playing outside and formal dining in the restaurant indoors. They even hose the sand off your feet at the front door before you enter!
On our last night in Seminyak, we were spoiled by the amazing meal and relaxed afternoon atmosphere of Australian-owned Ku De Ta restaurant.

Sangria at KuDeTa

Sipping sangrias on the deck whilst watching the sunset over the beach, our tummies were treated in the evening to a gorgeous dinner in the main restaurant overlooking the courtyard, the magnificent golden horizon in the distance.

Dinner at Ku De Ta

Made from fresh local ingredients in the fine dining style to which we are accustomed, both delicious courses were bursting with earthen flavour from the succulence of my entree of pork belly with soft shell crab salad to the decadence of Blake’s main of slow roasted ‘brick’ lamb shoulder. The wine list was also exemplary and the whole experience left us buzzing with excitement. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
Seminyak is definitely a contender for best island escape. The toughest part… leaving! The easy part… knowing I’ll be back again soon.


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