Perth’s got talent!

I love reality TV. I secretly wish to be a panel judge – I’d be the nice, masculine, handsome one…

In this week’s episode, I experience Perth’s must-do activities and report back to you. Here’s a list of activities that get a *touchdown* from me.

The Leederville food safari

Do you like good food and feeling the wind in your hair between courses? I thought so. Leederville Food Safari is a three-course progressive dinner via rickshaw; you’ll feel like a total rock star arriving in one of these bad boys.

Leederville Food Safari

Leederville Food Safari

You’ll start by enjoying an entrée course at Ria Malay Kitchen, then your awaiting rickshaw driver peddles to the next destination, Kitsch Bar Asia, for mains. This is a great opportunity to try their red rickshaw cocktail before departing to the final destination, Foam Coffee Bar, for coffee and cake.

Red Rickshaw, Kitcsh Bar Asia

Red Rickshaw, Kitcsh Bar Asia

The Safari costs $75 (drinks are an additional cost) and takes about three hours to complete. This is a great activity for couples, even-numbered groups, and Grammy winners.

Two feet & a Heartbeat walking tours

Drinking cocktails is my new favourite way to learn about a city’s history. Two Feet & a Heartbeat walking tours lead a fantastic three-hour Small Bar Tour that gives you a backstage pass to a few cool bars like Choo Choo’s and Bar de Halcyon, where you can sample the local talent in the form of some great food a few drinks.

Two Feet & a Heartbeat walking tour


The guides are very friendly and sociable, making the tour feel like a boozy night out with some mates.

The Eat/Drink/Walk Small Bar Tour costs $50 and includes the guide’s expert knowledge, some drinks and some snacks at each destination – bargain! I’d recommend this for a group of friends wanting to maximise their time by fitting some history in to happy hour.

Halloumi and tapioca bites, Bar De Halcyon

Halloumi and tapioca bites, Bar De Halcyon

Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison run a variety of tours that cover Perth’s fascinating convict history. Most penal settlements built on the east coast lay in ruins, and Fremantle is the only place original convict infrastructure still stands fully intact today.

Prison Selfie

Prison Selfie lol

The ‘Doing Time’ tour allows you to experience how prisoners lived from the convict era right up until Fremantle Prison closed in 1991. If you’re braver than me, take the much more adventurous ‘Tunnels Tour’ and explore the labyrinth of tunnels under the prison, some of them by boat! I looked for a Diva DUI tour, but yeah nah.

Tours start from $20 for adults and go for around two hours. There’s a variety to choose from, including spooky torch-led tours! Scarier than Simon Cowell’s remarks.

Rottnest Island

This has to be one of the most fascinating natural destinations in Australia. Rottnest Island really puts on a show. It’s an ‘A’ Class Nature Reserve so its 60+ beaches, 20 bays, and 10km of scenic walking trails are protected and are in pristine condition. It’s also home to the famous (and cute!)  Quokka.

Quokka, Rottnest Island

I’m all about that Quokka life

There’s something for everyone here. In the main settlement area you can grab a coffee and a hot dog from The Lane Café, try one of the famous meat pies at the Rottnest Bakery, or enjoy a beer in the sun at Hotel Rottnest. There’s also a great 9-hole golf course, putt-putt and a little cinema on the Island. If you get the chance, try and go all the way out to the West End for amazing water views and see the New Zealand Fur Seal Colony.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

The easiest way to get there is via the Rottnest Express out of Fremantle. It takes about 30 minutes and costs around $70 for a return journey. If you want to extend your chill, there’s also a range of accommodation available on the island.

Pro Tip: Follow Rottnest Express on Facebook for special prices.

Fremantle Markets

The Fremantle Markets are located in a heritage-listed building just off the Cappuccino Strip in Fremantle. You can find everything from didgeridoos and local crafts to baked good and fresh produce here. They even have a petting zoo!

Fremantle Markets


Fremantle Markets

Fancy soaps and candles, Happy Birthday Mum

The place buzzes with buskers, live demonstrations, and bohemians offering free samples. While you’re here, make sure you try the honey cake samples. If you learn anything from me in this blog – let it be honey cake. You’re welcome.

The Fremantle Markets are open Fridays from 9am to 8pm and on weekends from 9am to 6pm.

Have I missed anything? Write your people’s choice in the comments or give us your Perth talent tips.

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