The Tulum resort I’m already planning a return visit to

When you’re mentally plotting your return visit to a hotel before you’ve even left it, you know you’re onto a good thing. And that’s exactly what I find myself doing at Nomade Tulum. On day one, no less.

And for very good reason.

Tulum had been on my travel hit list for a while. Food, fitness, cocktails, beaches, and nature – in no particular order – all feature heavily on my ‘Favourite things to do on holiday’ list, and rumour had it, not only was Tulum the place for all of this, it was also just a little bit magical. What better place for a belated honeymoon?

Nomade Tulum nailed the brief and then some.

Arriving mid-morning, our first of many encounters with the friendly and genuine Nomade team has us feeling at home immediately. And that’s before we even get to the watermelon juice combo we’re given as the concierge runs us through how things work here.

It’s hard not to be distracted by *that* view, though. Located right on the beach, you couldn’t ask for a better position to soak up the stunning coastal views.

Similar to its sister property Be Tulum, located just next door, Nomade Tulum’s style is best described as boho-luxe. Here, though, the vibe is a bit more natural and rustic, and even more laidback than its neighbour. Nomade is the chilled-out little sister of the two.

We drag ourselves away from the view to check out our Jungle Suite – number 19 –located just back from the beach.

As we arrive at our balcony, complete with its own feature dreamcatcher, my shoes come off and are destined to stay here for the next few days: ‘barefoot’ becomes my resort dress code.

The space is dark, calming, and cool (there is AC and a fan too for those hot Tulum nights). Rustic rugs combine with clean, white linen on a king bed, a feature full-length mirror, and a polished table to give the room plenty of texture and personality. We could chill out here quite happily, but lunch is calling our name.

My aforementioned love of food is catered for extremely well at Nomade. In fact, this place is perfect for guests who like to eat on the healthier side.

Macondo serves a predominately vegan menu that doesn’t scrimp on flavour. Our vegan sushi, baked almond falafel, and guacamole with baked veggie chips (because Mexico) is one of the best vegan meals I’ve had and definitely the best I’ve ever experienced at a hotel. Hubby’s rice paper rolls with shrimp also get a big thumbs-up.

The restaurant also hosts breakfast each morning, with selected complimentary dishes like hot cakes, as well as fruit, granola, coffee, croissants, and toast. Sit at the tables or embrace your inner hippie and go cross-legged on the comfy cushions on the carpeted floor.

The cross-legged dining vibes continue at La Popular, the hotel’s renowned seafood-focused restaurant, located on the beach. Literally.

We opt for a late dinner under the fairy lights, with the waves crashing softly on the sand in front of us (super romantic), and while the lighting may not have helped my food photos, trust me when I say this restaurant is a Tulum must, whether you’re staying here or not.

Starting with apple martinis, we get to select our own pieces of seafood from the rustic hut-style kitchen while the chef watches on. We are rewarded with a feast of beautifully marinated fish and prawns, alongside beautifully earthy veggies, octopus tostadas, and tuna tartare – all thanks to our very lovely waiter’s recommendations. And best of all, the lure of a comfy bed is only a few steps away.

Holidays might be made for sleep-ins, but at least one day you need to get up early and watch the sunrise, because it really is magical. And you know you’ll probably have a nap during the day anyway 😉

If you feel so inclined, I’d also encourage a run up the beach. Hubby and I got into the routine of running 5km every morning, partly because the view is just so damn good that running barefoot feels easy. The reward of jumping into the ocean post-run also sweetens the deal.

If your virtuous side is still winning the day, be sure to take part in the daily 9am yoga sessions – free to guests and $20 for others. The setting couldn’t be better.

Zero judgement, though, if the beach side cabanas and hammocks are calling your name. I put in some serious reading hours here.

The holistic experience at Nomade doesn’t stop with yoga. Each night there is a different class or session held in the ‘Gratitude Tent’ and our stay happily coincides with a Tuesday night aromatherapy class.

I’ve always been interested in learning more about this natural therapy, but had never gotten around to it. Because, well, life.

Paula Davis is an Australian who, prior to moving to Tulum a few years ago, was living the corporate life in Sydney. She and her husband, Cameron, wanted a different environment to raise their family in, so made the move to Tulum. Running classes at various hotels, the couple also run their own business and ship around the world. Impressive, right?

Emitting warmth, confidence, and calmness, I want whatever she’s having!

Together with Cameron, Paula runs us through an introduction on all things aromatherapy – including three different ways to use essential oils and the benefits of the selection we get to try during the session –then patiently answers our group’s questions. It’s one of the most unique things we do during our trip and something we’ll take back into our everyday life. Winning!

The little touches at Nomade don’t stop there.

There’s a gorgeous bookshelf guests can help themselves to.

‘Rides of happiness’ is Nomade’s aptly titled bike sign-out sheet. Bike hire is free to all guests.

Nomade happily obligesin packing up restaurant dishes so we can avoid plane fooden-route to San Francisco.

They go out of their way to help us exchange USD to pesos (thanks, Rudy!) and share restaurant tips (the hotel is walking distance to some of the hottest places in Tulum, like Arca, Hartwood, and Gitano, which is just a little bit handy if you’re a foodie like me).

And in hearing this trip is our belated honeymoon, they surprise us with beautiful fresh flowers on our bed, love-heart style, a bottle of chilled prosecco, and dessert.

And don’t just take my gushiness as gospel. Every other resort guest we speak to is in similar raptures of just how awesome this place is.

So when in Tulum, get yourself to Nomade. You won’t be disappointed.

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