Why you should check-in on your new years resolutions now

It’s around that time. The year is flying by, you’re settled right into normality and the most exciting thing you’ve done in months is finish that book you borrowed from your mum on your last visit to get a free dinner… I’m right aren’t I?

It’s all sounding a little too familiar, don’t get me wrong, I love a good book (and free dinner) but I’d prefer to read that book on a sunny beach in Hawaii, wearing that new bikini I’ve been doing sit-ups and eating salad for, and that’s where New Years resolutions come in.

Maybe you’re kicking the butt of those goals you ambitiously set last December (if that’s the case *claps for you*) if not, perhaps you’re a little stuck with how to get started but don’t fret we’ve still got some time, so here’s a few places and ideas to get your travel goals (and more!) happening with as much motivation as you had in January!

NY Resolution #1: Teat yo’self! 

Book a night in a fancy hotel and pretend you have more money then you actually do, no matter what city you live in! Babe, your stressed and this is probably cheaper then the Botox you’ll need from frowning in a few years’ time, I promise! Sometimes a sneaky night away in your closest city is just as good as a holiday. Here’s a few of my fave’s:

Sofitel Brisbane Central

The Sofitel is perfect for a luxe stay, with a “makes you feel like you’re in Paris” type atmos, and a breakfast buffet that’s hard to beat. It’s my Brisbane go-to when I need a little local luxury.

Primus Sydney 

Rooms SO large, a robe SO snug and a room service menu that’s hard to beat, I often dream of the Wagu cheeseburger and salty fries! This is place is worthy of a blog review itself.

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Stamford Plaza Melbourne

The location here is a major draw card to the already amazing hotel. The Stamford Plaza is perfect for a little luxury hideaway.

NY Resolution #2: Book that bucket list Vacay

I’m not saying you need to go right now, I’m just saying BOOK IT. We’ve all been there, once it’s booked, there’s no going back, you save a little harder, you research more, you do that extra circuit at the gym and most importantly, you’ve got a date saved in your calendar and you’re pumped. Need some inspo?


Sun, sailing and fun, I’ll let the pictures do that talking.

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Traditionally known by it’s patrons as a place to drink ample amounts of beer (and yes, that’s true), Oktoberfest is super fun, friendly festival filled with culture and unbelievable atmosphere, and of course, pretzels!


It’s cold, but it’s worth it. Waterfalls jump out at you out of no where and the Blue Lagoon becomes more then a scene from a movie, it becomes a memory.

NY Resolution #3: Release your inner adrenaline junkie

Your New Years resolutions probably included something a little spontaneous, heart racing, and has the potential to take one of your nine lives. If it didn’t, it should, consider doing one of these, you’ll be a better person for it, and after you’ll be able to tell a pretty cool story.

Jump out of a plane over The Great Ocean Road

Jumping out of a plane is a pretty unbeatable feat in itself, but what if you did it overlooking iconic Aussie landmarks and unforgettable scenery?


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Just do anything in Queenstown

Queenstown in New Zealand is known for its adrenaline soaked activities. Why not Bungy jump of a cliff, ski down a mountain or even attempt white water rafting.

Ride epic rollercoasters at Six Flags theme parks in the USA

The USA is a bucket list, New Years Resolution destination in itself, but if you manage to get there and you’re looking for a little more, why not ride EPIC roller-coasters, bound to get your heart racing, a feat not for the faint hearted 😉


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All I’m saying is, it’s not too late, you’ve still got time, get out there and do it!

What’s the craziest New Years Resolution you’ve achieved this year?

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