The lastminute guide to surviving a trip with your partner

You’ve been planning for months (or maybe only a few weeks) and it’s the big day – the start of the trip.

But, hold up – you and your partner are already bickering and you haven’t even left the house yet! What’s up with that? 🤔

Enjoying a holiday with your SO can be done (we promise!). Here’s how to do it right 💖

Survival tip #1 Make sure you both agree… on almost everything

Look, we know it’s not going to happen alllll of the time, but the more you can both agree on things and find common ground, the more likely you’re both going to enjoy the trip 🌅 Finding a destination, accommodation and activities that you’re both happy with is a great start. If someone isn’t having a good time, then it’s probably going to cause some serious tension. It doesn’t hurt to compromise every now and then either.

Survival tip #2 Find the fun

Holiday with your partner

That doesn’t mean you have to go paragliding or skydiving every day. Fun could mean drinking cocktails by a pool (yes, please!), or doing a cooking class. Whatever it is, make sure you can enjoy it together.

Even if you can’t always decide on the same fun activities, try to find a happy medium where possible. Remember that compromise we mentioned earlier? Well, why not try a thing or two from your partner’s holiday to-do list, even if they don’t sound like your kind of thing. Who knows? You might love it!

Survival tip #3 Split the bill (and the work)

While it’s nice to treat your loved one to a romantic getaway, it can be expensive if one person is doing all the paying. If you keep your finances separate, make sure you go even-stevens when it comes to things like splitting bills, paying for cabs and buying drinks. And be considerate of each other’s budgets too, especially if your partner makes less than you. No-one wants to squabble about finances while they’re on a getaway.

The same goes for any work you might have to do while you’re away. Relaxing into holiday mode is awesome, but not if it means that one person is cooking all the meals, cleaning up all the mess or organising all the daytrips. Share the load so you both have an amazing time 😊

Survival tip #4 Loosen up

Couple travel

Holidays are undoubtedly some of the best times we’ll have in our lives, so make the most of this one! And don’t sweat the small stuff. If your boo gives you the wrong directions and you end up on a train going in the opposite direction, it’s all good. You’re together, on the adventure of a lifetime. Loosen up, take a deep breath and enjoy each and every moment.

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