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Hear all about Jen’s lurve filled escape in Darwin (well maybe not all of it!)

Did you know that August is ‘Romance Awareness Month’? It was news to me until this year but if it’s on Google it must be true! And as a hopeless romantic, that was a good enough excuse to surprise my husband for a weekend away in the city.

But it wasn’t all about roses and chocolates, I knew he would love what was planned just as much as I would and it was the perfect weather for it too!

Jet Boating in Darwin Harbour

Jet Boating in Darwin Harbour

The first stop on a sweltering Saturday afternoon was to Stokes Hill Wharf to cool off on a mad ride on a stunt jet boat. Needless to say, by the look of excitement on his face, I was going to be wife of the year! OZ Jet Boating, provided (as they say) the coolest 30 minutes in Darwin, literally!

We were saturated as we raced through Darwin Harbour at high speed pass the Waterfront Precinct, the casino, Mindil Beach and Fannie Bay. Along the way we experienced crazy 360’ degree spins, fish tails and sideway slides. If you choose to sit closer to the back of the jetboat, you are guaranteed to get wet, but it is also the most fun so on a hot afternoon, the back of the boat was the place to be!

For those conscious of getting motion sickness (I am the queen of motion sickness) from the constant spinning and the bumpy ride, half an hour was the perfect amount of time to withstand any topsy turvy feelings.

Mantra Pandanas

Mantra Pandanas

To dry ourselves off, we stopped to grab a bite to eat at the wharf before checking in to the fabulous Mantra Pandanas in the heart of the city. Wife of the year? More like wife of the century! This hotel has one of the best views of the city and we were right on the top floor to soak it all in!

Mantra Pandanas has a very classy and relaxed atmosphere with beautiful rooms, a large gym and a great day spa, not to mention the amazing food at their Table 43 Restaurant. The service was fantastic and the ambience of the restaurant was really something . We didn’t have to wait long for our entrees and main meals to arrive which was fantastic, and as for portion size, you get what you pay for and then some!

After dinner we relaxed on the balcony of our room, looking over the city as it lit up and I decided to upgrade and accept my title of wife of the millenium with humble approval. A surprise weekend away is a fantastic idea to celebrate your love for your sweetheart, not just for ‘Romance Awareness Month,’ but for any reason! It’s a great way to get out of the daily grind and cool down as the weather starts to heat up.

Until next time, this loved-up blogger wishes you happy travels!

Keen to experience a jet boating adventure for yourself? Click here for details.


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