You’ve gotta check out Hotel Indigo LES, New York. Here’s why.

There’s no shortage of amazing hotels in NYC. But if you want to stay somewhere really special, you’ve gotta check out the Hotel Indigo Lower East Side. Here are nine reasons why.

1. Neighbourhood vibes

Situated on the Lower East Side (aka the LES), the Hotel Indigo LES is surrounded by vibrant street art, which has clearly influenced the hotel’s décor (especially in the common areas, which are very cool). It’s an awesome location, less than 200m from the famous Katz’s Delicatessen and a short walk from other local hotspots like Beauty & Essex, the Williamsburg Bridge, and Bowery, so you can really make the most of one of NYC’s most exciting neighbourhoods.

Hotel Indigo NYC

Welcome to Hotel Indigo!

Hotel Indigo NYC

Lost your way? Just look up, there’s a map on the ceiling

2. Amazing Manhattan views

I open the door to my room, then stand there with a giddy smile on my face. I know what’s behind those long curtains – my 90-degree corner window, with views of Downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. My other window also gives me views of Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building. You might be someone who needs complete darkness to sleep, but trust me – with those skyline views, you’ll want to leave the drapes open.

Hotel Indigo NYC

Why close the curtains at night when the views are this good?

Hotel Indigo NYC

What a sight to wake up to

3. A shower with a view

At the Hotel Indigo LES, even ordinary, mundane things like taking a shower are a treat. There’s a window next to the showerhead, with spectacular NYC views. If you’re an early bird, take a shower when you get up and watch the glow of the morning sun reflect off all the buildings. If you’re a night owl, shower in the afternoon to catch the sunset or dusk show (or both). I also love the bathroom’s sleek design – I’m used to battling with shower curtains, so the neat glass screen is such a treat! Showers have never been so exciting.

Hotel Indigo NYC
Hotel Indigo NYC

Watch the sun set while you shower

4. It’s made for make-up lovers

Sometimes make-up remover wipes just don’t cut it. Which is bad enough when you’re at home, but it’s really awkward when you see that you’ve left make-up residue on a pristine white hotel hand towel. But at the Hotel Indigo LES, there’s a special black hand towel that’s made for make-up removal waiting for me in the bathroom. It’s one of those thoughtful little touches that shows the Hotel Indigo really has thought of everything 😉

Hotel Indigo NYC

5. A heated rooftop pool with views of the Empire State Building

NYC is all about rooftop bars. But when there’s a rooftop pool with a view of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, you’ve got to give it priority and check it out, rain, hail, or shine. Luckily it’s heated, for those not-so-summery days.

Hotel Indigo NYC

Hello there, heated rooftop pool.

Hotel Indigo NYC

It’s just as pretty at night.

6. The cool rooftop bar

A heated pool with sky-high views isn’t the only thing Hotel Indigo LES’s rooftop has got going for it. Located on the 15th floor, Hotel Indigo’s rooftop bar, Mr Purple, is an LES hotspot that’s open until 2am Sunday through Tuesdays, 3am on Wednesdays, and 4am Thursday through Saturday. With a smashing cocktail menu, the vibe is intimate, while the design perfectly balances semi-industrial features (think metal, concrete, and wood) with plush furnishings to create a relaxed loft vibe.

But the real beauty of Mr Purple is in its dual terraces. The Eastern Terrace, the smaller of the two, faces the Brooklyn Bridge and is perfect for an intimate group or personal celebration. The Western Terrace is more spacious, with plenty of seating, so get yourself ready to mingle. Yes, this is the place to have those rooftop drinks and take selfies with the Empire State Building or Freedom Tower.

Hotel Indigo NYC

Mr Purple, you and I are going to get along just fine.

Hotel Indigo NYC

A NYC skyline to write home about.

7. Your furball is welcome too!

If your fur baby is joining you in the Big Apple, the Hotel Indigo LES has got you sorted. It’s a pet-friendly hotel, although you will have to pay a $50USD surcharge after you check in. But heads up – there’s a limit of one pet per room and they will need to be crated when you’re not there with them (for their own safety).

8. The Lobby Café

Hotel Indigo LES’s on-site café, The Lobby, is super convenient and full of delicious treats. It sells snack packs until 10pm, which are perfect for picnics or just eating on the go. The breakfast menu is simple and tasty – think yoghurt bowls, bagels, muffins, and pastries – and served until 10.30am. Pro tip for late sleepers: There’s a 30-minute changeover from the breakfast to the lunch menu between 10.30am-11am. So take your time if you wake up at 10.35am 😉

Hotel Indigo NYC

NYC bagels are on the breakfast menu!

9. Great work and common spaces

Going to NYC for a work trip or sneaking in a cheeky getaway even though you have an assignment due? No fear! The Hotel Indigo LES has a spacious lobby area where you can hook up your laptop and catch up on emails or finish your not-quite-at-homework in style. The open-plan space is perfect for collaboration (although you could get distracted by the Downtown skyline views). It’s also a nice spot to chill out after you’ve done all the walking and want to relax before catching a ride to your next destination.

Hotel Indigo NYC

Sit back and relax in the lobby

Stay at the Hotel Indigo LES
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