8 hot chip feasts to jump on a plane for

Is there a person alive who doesn’t like hot chips? If there is, I don’t want to know them. Chips, crisps, fries, gems, hash browns – no matter how you prepare them or what you call them, if it’s potatoey and fried, I’m all over it 🍟

To celebrate everyone’s fave side dish (and vegetable 😜), I’ve rounded up some of the most delicious hot chip delicacies from around the globe. They’ll have you booking a round-the-world ticket for a chippie world tour faster than you can say, “Extra chicken salt, please.”

1. Fish and chips, UK

If we’re talking hot chips, there’s no going past this iconic British combo. Perfect white fish with crispy beer batter, chunky chips twice-fried in beef fat with a maaaaasive dollop of tartar sauce on the side. You can keep the mushy peas though – the only vegie I’m interested in here is potato 😉


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2. Pommes frites with mayonnaise, Belgium

Oh, man. I remember the first time I tried this Belgian delicacy. It was lunchtime, in Amsterdam, and I was already three beers in thanks to a brewery tour. I needed food, stat. Enter a pommes frites food truck, serving up lifesaving cones of deep-fried potato smothered in rich, homemade mayonnaise. I swear, it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten – and not just because of the beer 🍺


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3. Poutine, Canada

Picture it: Montreal, Canada. The weather outside is colder than anything you – nay, anyone – has ever experienced. But it doesn’t matter because you’re cosied up with a giant plate of crispy chips, melted cheese curds and steaming gravy. Life is good and you’re never going outside again.


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4. Masala chips, Kenya

So I’ve only just discovered masala chips but I think I might be in love. They’re twice-fried potato slices that have then been tossed in a spicy garlicky/tomatoey masala sauce and topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon. And I need to book a flight to Kenya right now, because the thought of them has me drooling on my keyboard (sorry, co-workers).


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5. Khoai tây chiên, Vietnam

Hot chips are just a savoury treat, right? Not always! In Vietnam, they’re called Khoai tây chiên and they’re seasoned with sugar, star anise and cinnamon, and often eaten with sugar and butter. It’s considered a kids’ dish, but I reckon I could knock back a few. You know, as a test 😜


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6. Moules frites, France

Now we’re talking! Take one pot of mussels, steam them in a broth of white wine, shallots, parsley and butter, and serve with a big ol’ plate of fries for dipping. While the name is French, moules frites actually originated in Belgium and is considered the country’s national dish. But, seriously, who’s going to say no to putting France on their chippie world tour?


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7. Animal style, USA

If you’re in the US Southwest or on the Pacific Coast, a trip to In-N-Out is basically mandatory. And a serve of animal style fries from the not-so-secret menu might be an actual law. Floppy thick-cut fries smothered in cheese, grilled onions and In-N-Out’s famous burger sauce. Your heart might explode but, damn, it’ll be worth it 🤤


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8. Chips with chicken salt, Australia

What actually is chicken salt? No-one cares. All I know is it’s the stuff neon-yellow, gloriously sweet-and-savoury dreams are made of. Smother your chips in it… as well as your scallops, your potato gems, even your fish cocktails. If it’s deep-fried, it’s made for our fave condiment 😍


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