Don’t diss my stash; when souvenirs aren’t just tacky trash

Tacky. Cheap. Waste of money. That’s what a lot of people think of travel souvenirs. But I have a different view when it comes to mementos you stockpile for yourself.

The emotional attachment runs deep and it’s amazing how much more useful some seemingly stupid knick-knacks can be when there’s a personal experience involved.MGBeadsTake my collection of beads and cups from the 2007 New Orleans Mardi Gras. Sure, they might spend the majority of time stowed away in a giant Rubik’s Cube; but when I pull out the colourful piles of fantastic plastic, I’m immediately taken back to St Charles Avenue where I’d stand for hours watching the parades and floats roll by, yelling out for someone to throw me something and chatting with Mardi Gras regulars armed with fishing nets. The beads have come in handy for dress-ups and the cups are awesome for parties. Pick a krewe: Rex, Zulu or Tucks, perhaps?MardiGras


Then there’s my favourite piece of Disney paraphernalia. It would be a rare occasion that I’d wear some Mickey Mouse ears, but I can eat eggs or pancakes shaped like Mickey’s head every day of the week!

As I make my way through my morning plate of Mickies, I can’t think of a better way to remember my time at ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’.



Meanwhile, have you ever witnessed ducks marching along a red carpet? If your answer is YES! then I’m guessing you’ve stopped by The Peabody hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. The Peabody Ducks mightn’t be as famous as Elvis, but they’ve definitely claimed legendary status.

Image courtesy of helenkmurphy

Image courtesy of helenkmurphy

While we’re on the subject of drinking on holiday, let’s talk about a town called St Goar that I visited as part of a Contiki Tour. This little piece of Austria is located in the Rhine Valley and is famous for its giant cuckoo clock and sweet wines – my favourite! We headed to an underground cellar where we were armed with a hefty shot glass for a tasting session. We threw down sipped our way through some extremely tasty reds and whites… then came the ice wine. So syrupy, so thick. There’s a reason it’s called ‘nectar of the gods’. I haven’t tasted it since (they don’t make it here in Australia), but that shot glass is now my go-to measure when I’m mixing drinks in our home bar. Prost!

What about you? We want to know what amazing souvenirs you have in your collection. Don’t worry – there’s no lame-o-meter here.

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  1. Ian WEBB

    Ah the Gold Coast Hols, I don’t think you will ever again be in a Kingswood and run over a monstrous carpet python on top of Mt. Warning and on the way back to Kingscliffe plough through axle deep floodwater, good old Goldie.

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