Detox in Daylesford; a destination guide

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  1. Sue Hawken

    Absolutely love Victoria, spent my childhood with my grandparents around Daylesford (Castlemaine), but moved to WA 40 years ago, so want to revisit for the memories and nostalgia…

  2. ruth smith

    2 worn out mums, business women and all rounders in need of fantastic Daylesford spa, hotel, food and art pampering! Bags packed for Victorian break.

  3. Peach Connors

    A luxury weekend away in Daylesford would be the ultimate escape for me to pamper my partner of 25 years. A weekend like this would re-ignite all senses! Heaven!

  4. Labella Slagy

    My friend and I just finished chemo.
    We could do with a break! We could do with a laugh.
    And we could do all that in Daylesford and surrounds.. Easy.

  5. Craig Little

    Every comment above seems so sure it would be a fantastic weekend away! Me – not so much… Though if I’m selected l’ll be sure to leave some glowing feedback if that is how I return 😉 signed: a pessimist in desperate need of a holiday

  6. Jami

    A fairy-tale date that even Cinderella would be jealous of. Hoping the wicked step sisters-nah-children- let us escape from the castle-nah renovation nightmare- that we are now living in and r-e-l-a-x. Is that possible again after all of these years?

  7. Toni Parkes

    love to take my loving adorable husband to give a little back to him for all that he has done for me.. 23yrs of pure bliss

  8. Vicky

    I am a full time carer of my two elderly parents for the past 16 years it would be so nice to just get away and relax and actually have a day off

  9. judy king

    my daughter suffers from post traumatic stress needing hospital admissions and a weekend at daylesford would be like heaven

  10. Maddie Brown

    A nice little get away would be fabulous after completing 5 years of university. I’d love to surprise my boyfriend who has supported me through all the ups and downs during my degree. 🙂

  11. Nicole

    I waited 6 years, we have two children, he worked his backside off for 2 years, i planned a wedding in 18 months. I studied a certificate in wedding planning just to do it all on my own. We are officially 3 weeks out. -I am stressed! And we sadly can’t afford a honeymoon. We would love and appreciate this more than anything!

  12. Mellita Hennessy

    My Husband and I have never been to Melbourne let alone Daylesford – that would be the ultimate weekend away!!

  13. Maggie Harriss

    My bestie Jane is a great travel companion – up for anything, interested in everything, We both love food, music and shopping so Daylesford is perfect.

  14. Kathryn Woolley

    Though I attempted to provide the 25 words of reason why my husband & I would love the time in Daylesford – on both occasions I wasn’t able to complete the task, as after I had read the conditions – I was unable to then hit ‘done!’

  15. Lisa Romano

    Daylesford is the jewell in Victoria’s west: the drive on approach is full of old forest trees – so quaint, so soft and slightly blue with eucalyptus vapour – little spas tucked away into the hill hollows – pristine healing waters, enchanting and beckoning you to linger and pause – the undulating road depositing you into a town steeped in history and yet surprisingly urbane and cosmopolitan in one..

  16. Linda Payne

    For the best 21st birthday weekend at Daylesford. Love to have the time in one of the most beautiful places of the world with my son on his very special birthday. A wonderful experience for both of us.

  17. Leona Kelly

    For my beautiful hard working parents who have been married for 29years.. They never put themselves first. They would love a getaway together And a romantic one at that. 🙂 xx

  18. Debbie Rosie

    I wish to take
    My Man away (Courtney Canham)
    By winning this Competition
    On the 14th Day (March).
    Please tell us before the ‘last minute’.

  19. Debbie Rosie

    I wish to take
    My Man away (Courtney Canham)
    By winning this Competition
    On the 14th Day (March).
    Please tell us before the ‘last minute’.

  20. Peter

    We remember Daylesford so well,as our children used to dance there during highland dancing competitions,many years ago:)

  21. Rosemarie

    To experience the excitement of a weekend to indulge all my senses, heart, mind, body and soul. The sights, sounds, tastes, pampering, tranquility, indulgences, memories, laughter, love and friendship would all be on offer in Daylesford.

  22. Kim

    After a tough few years bringing up teenagers, an escape to Daylesford would be a great surprise for my wife and an opportunity for me to rediscover country Victoria.

  23. Judy-Ann Cluff

    Look out Daylesford, here I come! This is just the right prescription for the worn out school teacher that I am!! Thank you Heaven (and Daylesford!)

  24. Pam Bierton

    Would love to spoil my daughter after a rough couple of years losing her father supporting her daughters and giving 110% to her employer.

  25. Helen Lawless

    My husband has been away now for 4yrs. Only get to see him long weekends. A romantic weekend would be a dream come true.

  26. Debra

    My best friend of 36 years lives in Victoria & l am in Queensland . Catch up time is difficult both financially & for family reasons.
    There have been some very trying times in her life and now they are somewhat settled l would love to take her to Daylesford to unwind .
    (without her having to stress about the cost of coming up here ! )
    Please 🙂

  27. lmarietta dando

    My husband has recently had to retire to be my cater and has worked harder than ever to look after my needs. He really needs pampering and I would love togive him this weekend for his 60th birthday on the 15th march

  28. Evonne

    Please, I need relaxation and a pamper,
    And maybe a picnic and a hamper
    To unwind and to de-stress
    And be treated like a Princess
    So it’s Daylesford, where I need to be
    So please be kind and pick ME!!!

  29. Beverley Nicol

    Being self-employed, holidays are rare. Now we are slowing down, a taste of healthy pampering in Daylesford may encourage us to take more breaks.

  30. Pam Cotton

    I’d dearly love to win a Daylesford dream weekend,for my husband Mal,who is fighting Macular Degeneration ….I am 80…but there’s no cure for that either!MMMMMM I can almost smell the lavender!

  31. sreyluk touch

    Myself and my husband. We both need to get away from all the stress that we have and problem that keeping coming to our family. A weekend away mean a lot to us now, to release all those stress out and relax.

  32. Michelle Cauchi

    A romantic weekend away with my partner would be a dream come true. And i couldn’t think of a better place to unwind…Love Daylesford!

  33. Mellissa

    Both me and my bestie recently got engaged and opted for no engagement parties…a rejuvenating girls weekend away is just what we need fine dining, beautiful views, tranquility and best off all sharing it with great company. Love my bestie of 20 years

  34. Rosemary Donovan

    Twenty-five years ago on our honeymoon we stumbled across Daylesford, it was wonderful! We couldn’t afford to stay, Love to return with him and stay!

  35. Elizabeth Hartnell-Young

    I’ll bring my irrepressible cousin Di who has incurable cancer. So much fun over the years, so little time left…relaxation heaven sounds just right!

  36. Trudy

    My husband & I are dairyfarmers & we reached our 30th wedding anniversary recently but were unable to have a special celebration- a romantic & indulgent stay in Daylesford would be just perfect!

  37. Dorothy Dudzinski

    Place is beautiful,I visited 12 years ago with my daughter,was amassing experience .Would love to come again to regain peace and enjoy many attractions in that area inc famous springs.

  38. christine

    As a working Mother I would appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with my teenage daughter in Daylesford. its a juggle to provide financially and do the most important job in the world “parenting” . Sometimes my daughter needs a massage and I am too tired to do this well. We would definitely include a massage in our Daylesford holiday if we were to win.

  39. Jill Bott

    After suffering with sciatica, organising a wedding and moving house after 25 years I feel this would be just what the Doctor ordered. Perfect.

  40. Alice Chieng

    We would love to go on a trip like this so we can enjoy each other company. We do need to take time off to enjoy life other than work. I close my eyes and I can see us enjoying the services provided.

  41. Betty

    I have 2 young children haven’t had a proper break this would be the ultimate gift for me and hubby to enjoy a weekend away to relax and spend quality time together

  42. Rae

    Wow! What a great way to find out about your beautiful country. .. There are so many things to do there that nuture the soul.

  43. Samantha

    Would love to take my darling friend who hasn’t had “me time” for over 7 years! A relaxing very overdue girls weekend away is in order and Daylesford is a beautiful place to do it! :-).

  44. Doreen Merrett

    Look out Daylesford!! Here we come.
    Used to take our kids for a drive to this area on Sundays before it became so popular & would love to see it now!!

  45. Ally Mosher

    The Peppers Mineral spa sounds amazing – very Roman to hop from bath to bath like that! You’d be a very happy prune by the end 🙂

  46. Miriam Monterrosa

    I would take my friend to enjoy with this fabulous trip opportunity to Melburne to relax and endulge ourselves with a relaxation massage at Endota Day Spa Daylesford and Enjoy the facilities of Hotel Frangos, Daylesford and eating delicious food ! Enjoy Life in Melburne! Love it!

  47. stephen Crocker

    My wife, consider it a reward for all her hard work, and and investment, as happy wife = happy life for me

  48. Janet Mackenzie

    I would take my best and longest friend Hilary on this detox holiday because due to us both having a really bad 2013 due to illness we both NEED this….
    Thankyou 🙂

  49. annette

    nice to win as my boyfiend needs learn how to relax for just him self. his great mr mum ,5 years to long waiting lost two special people that was in his life kids mum an his own mum.

  50. Lesa Blake

    This is truly food for the reconnect and just be. It would be an amazing experience to spend much needed time with my husband away from the stresses of everyday life.

  51. Shirley Henkel

    I would take my best friend of fifty Years Cheryl. We are both widows and we need a relaxing weekend at the beautiful place Daylesford I have been their with my husband when he was alive on a golf weekend it would be just amazing to win

  52. Anne devenish

    Miss visiting Daylesford…..I could do with some time out …….in this busy lifestyle I need to relax and detox…….recharge the batteries…….it’s a haven destination for all of that and more….

  53. Lili

    I know the recipe, but I need all the ingredients and that is found at Daylesford, to re-invorgorate and energise for life’s challenges.

  54. Trish Posterino

    What springs to mind is a Dayley detox with my best; we can clean out those stressful toxins and happily soak up the memorable rest

  55. Marie Gardner

    I’d take my overworked stressed husband who desperately needs break from work – he’s been working 12 hour days 7 days a week for months

  56. Mary Munn

    I would take my sister Mouna as a treat. She has worked hard andsreaped the rewards and shared it with her siblings.

  57. Dylan

    My partner is from Japan and misses the hot springs. I’d like to show Australia has a place just as good if not better!

  58. Ann Brooker

    Thirty years married in May, a time to celebrate and reaffirm our love and commitment. Luxurious pampering in Daylesford would create a memorable celebration.

  59. Luisa Del Vecchio

    What a delightful and delicious country paradise to share quality time with my very deserving Bestie that has given me so much care and love – when I and my little darling moodle had nowhere else to go 🙂 xx

  60. Jane Mulcahy

    Daylesford is a beautiful place. I have passed through, stopped for lunch or a glass of wine and promised myself I will return to stay a day.

  61. Cherie Stanic

    I would love to give my girls a weekend away to be pampered and to relax as young mothers it is a tough and exhausting job, they are fabulous Mums but all Mums need looking after too ☺

  62. Jessie Abrahams

    Would love a weekend away lifes been so stressful
    Would be a great opportunity to spend quality time with my man

  63. Maria Kalergis

    I’ve packed some clothes including skimpy underwear
    I want to feel like a millionaire
    Daylesford Victoria is my desire
    with my man I’m on fire

  64. Dominique

    What a fantastic story…so wish I could visit soon with my girlfriend…we need a treat after horrendous work life recently 🙂

  65. cassanah heal

    My partner needs the stop life button pushed, it would be lovely to spend some quality time together at Daylesford.

  66. Deb K

    With a hubby who has had a long hospital stay
    And four little ones who need me throughout the day
    It’s time for a well-earned rest
    And Daylesford would be simply the best!

  67. Jayne

    I have been to Daylesford once with my mother and father when I was young and felt so relaxed. I would love to unwind after being a full time student for six years. I would like to close my eyes and let the tension in my shoulders wash away….

  68. kirsty

    Fighting off exhaustion, sleepless nights with a toddler who refuses to sleep, building a house with a builder that doesnt communicate anything, and trying to find a part time job, my stress levels are through the roof, a mini vacation to forget the daily blues and refresh for the next battle. Take me to Daylesford

  69. Lisa Craven

    Would love to give my son a wonderful experience in beautiful Daylesford, massage is exactly what his body needs after a tough two years, thank you

  70. Cheryl McGrath

    My daughter lives in Melbourne, is a flight attendant and is back at Uni studying for her Psychology degree. She works so hard and I would love to be able to take her to Daylesford for time out to just be pampered, restore her well-being and be there together.

  71. Toni L

    To share a delightfully luxurious Daylesford break – a magical dreamtime experience to add to the tapestry of our relationship.

  72. Marcie

    Hubby and I never go away on holidays without our kids & this year is our 30th wedding anniversary! What a great way to spend it if we won this getaway !!!

  73. Rachel Rankin

    Daylesford. Where you can do everything or nothing all in the same place. You will love it no matter what you want to achieve. X

  74. Melanie

    I would love to take the love of my life away for a surprise weekend like this. What a great way to spend a surprise if we won this getaway !!! –

  75. Julie Collier

    How amazing does Daylesford look- one word- heaven…. Recently remarried, nurtured 7 children and survived. Would like to say what a truly amazing experience this would be for my husband and I. Will certainly place this on our bucket list- lots of catching up for us. Thank you Last Minute for sharing this hidden treasure…………

  76. Shirley Keane

    Daylesford is our daughter and son-inlaws favourite place in Victoria . They often visit for a days trip but have never been able to experience the pleasures of the spa etc. I would love this for them as they work long hard days.

  77. Carolyn Hilly

    hello, we would love to escape to Daylesford for a totle BREAK AWAY from all the Pressures from WORK and FAMILY

    • Rosann White

      Hi, I have put my daughter under a lot of stress of late ….to take her to the tranquility of Daylesford …to reconnect would be so wonderful….

  78. Sarah Browne

    It’s sounds perfect for a romantic weekend getaway and our first foray in country Victoria since moving to Melbourne 2 years ago.

  79. Don Alman

    The wife and I have had a terrible year and a short holiday in such a beautiful place like Daylesford would be so nice.

  80. Anna Bisak

    Cannot remember the last time I went away without the kids with the husband. 15th Anniversary coming up soon…..
    would love a luxury get away 🙂

  81. Sally-Anne Mahoney

    My Beautiful Husband and I were married there 1 year and 3 months ago, we did not get to have a 1st wedding anniversary so going back would be amazing!!!! We absolutely loved it there.

  82. Anita

    Daylesford, one of my absolute favourite getaways for food, shopping and total relaxation. I have enjoyed this place with my Mum on several occasions, my husband and my girlfriends. Something for everyone!

  83. tina crossley

    my husband and i going through some tough times in our marriage time away to find the love that seems to be slipping away would be romantic daylesford would be.

  84. Pamela

    Sooooooo need a break/detox/relax/massage/pampering – took to many sleeping tabs last
    week – slept for a couple of days, but not really the break which was beneficial.
    Would luv some fresh air, some muscles tension lumps ironed out, some bubbly water to lighten the body load, space to read the paper and walk. Hope to see you very soon.

  85. Christine & Brian Chapman.

    Oh, would love a revitalising break in Daylesford! Have seen the adverts for the famous spa country,including gorgeous spots for a bite to eat,would love to visit Lavandula & Trattoria cafe to taste the famous lavender scones & champagne.We’ve (hubby & I ) not had a break away together for a long time: too long so this would be the perfect solution for a rather worn out mum & dad. Here’s hoping! Over 50’s

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