5 Brisbane cafes for true coffee lovers

There are two types of people in this world: coffee snobs and people who go out for drinks with coffee snobs. So since the common denominator here is coffee (and snobs), here’s a handy list of Brisbane’s best cafes to save for later.

1. The Tiller, Alderley

Beans: Parallel Coffee

The Tiller’s warm, cosy atmosphere will lure you in, while their great customer service and tasty, tasty, coffee will keep you there. Tucked away in an old shipping container in a side street near Alderley Station, The Tiller has some great filter options (including Chemex, Aero Press, and cold drip), ‘though the standard latte and flat-white concoctions are always a solid bet. The atmosphere also gets a 10/10. Last visit, I sat on a log stool, which was apparently crafted from a mate’s fallen tree –love it! The Tiller is a suburban café done right.

Good day for it.

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2. Abode Café, Taringa

Beans: Black Sheep

OK, before I go any further, I have to admit that I’m slightly biased on this one. Why? Because it’s my sister’s café! However, I’m not the only fan. Bean hunter users have voted Abode one of Brisbane’s top cafes, so you know it’s legit. Their coffee is brewed using beans from well-rounded localroaster Black Sheep, with a variety of hot and cold options on offer. I can personally vouch for the Zymill Flat White – that’s what I get almost every time I go (usually once a week). And because I love eating and think you should too, check out the avo on toast. It has almond butter on the bottom -shhh fancy!

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3. Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe

Beans: Marvell Street

This Teneriffe local will always be on my (coffee) hit list. Everything Sourced does lives and breathes their dedication to supporting local, sustainable, and organic produce. But don’t worry-their holistic view doesn’t mean they neglect the coffee situation. Sourced is where I first fell in love with traditional iced lattes – the flavours they extract from the beans have a great punch and can definitely handle a bit of ice and milk. Don’t leave without checking out their amazing grocery store too – it has gourmet everything (even fancy carrots, ‘cause that’s how gourmet they are).

Sunday morning. Hope to see you soon

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4. Atticus Finch, Paddington

Beans: Coffee Supreme

Coffee and dogs, dogs and coffee. If you love amazing coffee and your equally amazing dog, Atticus Finch is heaven! Located in a historic weatherboard shop in the heart of Paddington, Atticushas a relaxed, chilled atmosphere. You can bring your dog into the courtyard -the staff occasionally bring out dog treats to keep all their visitors happy 😉 . I’ve never had a bad coffee here, so be sure to add it to your list.

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5. Bunker, Milton

Beans: Five Senses

Perhaps not really a ‘café’ so much as a ‘hole in the wall’, I still can’t write a Brisbane coffee blog without mentioning Bunker. Located in a 1940s war bunker, with leaves literally everywhere, Bunker are committed to delivering the best brew possible – and that’s what they’ve achieved. My personal fave is the ‘Cuban’ iced latte, which is especially refreshing on an (unbearably) hot Brisbane day. For extra energy, be sure to grab a sneaky treat on the way out, as Bunker have a great selection of locally sourced baked goods. Oh, and if you’re one for selfies, I’ve been told the green vine wall is particularly Insta-worthy 😉 .

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