Book review – Ellen DeGeneres

Jen reviews comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ new book ‘Seriously … I’m Kidding’.

Ellen DeGeneres' new book 'Seriously... I'm Kidding'

‘Seriously… I’m Kidding’

This month, I was lucky enough to get my paws on Ellen Degeneres’ third new book, ‘Seriously, I’m Kidding’, and as someone who is rather fond of Ellen, I was dancing over coffee tables when it arrived!

Ellen’s talk show is a favourite of mine as it’s full of personality, humour, and fun, something that is shown on every single page of her new book. There are messages for teenagers, a chapter for audiobook listeners (which is a page of funny words to read that would be even funnier to hear!), and there’s even a few pages of random pictures like a toaster and a treadmill for kids to colour in.

A personal favourite chapter of mine is the ‘How To Be A Supermodel’ chapter, a guide from the Cover Girl herself on how to have the look (always look angry at the universe for making you too pretty), the walk (trot aggressively, like a horse trying to avoid puddles), and even the squint (like someone is bouncing sunlight off their watch directly into your eyes)!

Ellen writes the way she talks to her audience. It’s real, honest and from the heart, which makes for a good laugh and a really easy read. It’s been about eight years since her last book was released and a lot has happened since then.

She discusses all sorts of things in her personal life such as her marriage to Aussie Portia de Rossi, being a Cover Girl ambassador, her role in Finding Nemo, American Idol, and her new record label project ‘eleveneleven’..

Ellen also touches on issues around the world such as stereotypes, self-image and self-belief, with a humorous take and a refreshing perspective. This is definitely a feel good book!

Now there are not many books that make me laugh out loud, but this one truly gave me the giggles and is sure to give a lot of Ellen fans a good laugh too.
So this month, take the time to relax at home, on your lunch break, or wherever you may be and get reading!

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