BAM! The ultimate travel bucket list

Hi there! It’s time to refresh your bucket list with these awesome experiences that you can do on holiday. You’re welcome 😉 

FLY via bungee or skydive.

Bungee jumping has always been near the top of my bucket list and I finally ticked it off when I was living in Whistler, Canada. And let me tell you…it was so exhilarating to finally take the leap (pun intended hehe). I think this needs to be on everyone’s bucket list, you get such a natural high after you jump and feel like you’re on top of the world!

Bungee Jump | Whister, Canada |

Now…skydiving I haven’t done, it’s still at the top of my list and my goal is to jump at either Byron Bay, Switzerland or in Hawaii when I’m there later this next year!

Our very own Zack jumped out of the sky at Skydive on the beach in Byron Bay and it has me feeling very jealous. Read about it here. 

Sky Dive | Byron Bay, Australia |

Sleep in the snow at the Ice Hotel in Sweden 

Now this one should already be on your bucket list…shame on you if it isn’t.

If the cold isn’t your thing, you need to make it your thing. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved all things snow so as soon as I knew about this Ice Hotel, it was on my list. How cool would it be to stay there! (again, pun intended 😉 )

Ice Hotel | Sweden | |

Camp in Antarctica

This one I can very very happily say I’ve done.

In November 2014 I packed my bags with my warmest clothes and set off to the end of the world. I had the amaaaazing opportunity to walk on Antarctica multiple times AND even camp over night. This is something everyone needs to have on their bucket list. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that may not ever come around again. Read about it here.

Camping | Antarctica | |

Celebrate Christmas in another hemisphere

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you should travel to the Southern Hemisphere (*cough* Australia) to have a Christmas on the beach with the sand between your toes and aaaaall the fruit, pavlova and rum balls you can handle.

Christmas | Australia ||

Likewise if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like most of us, you should treat yourself to a white Christmas! I’m thinking NYC or Canada, with endless hot chocolates, cute beanies and of course…SNOW!

Christmas | Whistler, Canada | |

Travel SOLO

At some point in your life you should travel by yourself. It opens your eyes, frees your mind and allows you to find yourself and appreciate the world in a different way – something everyone should experience. You learn how to love yourself, stress less and you create incredible memories that you can cherish for your whole life. You’re not alone the whole time though, you make friends as you go and you’ll stay in touch with them for a long time – I’m still in touch with some of the people I met on my first solo adventure 🙂

Whistler Mountain |

Snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef

Last but certainly NOT least The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders and should be on ALL the bucket lists. You can see six of the world’s seven marine turtle species and swim with Minke Whales (June/July).  It’s the world’s largest reef system and it’s made up of over 2000 individual reefs – how COOL is that. But even more cooler is the fact that you can see it from outer space!

Great Barrier Reef |

What else should we add to our bucket list? Let us know below!

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