Get naked! 9 of the best Aussie nude beaches

If you grew up near a nude beach, your parents probably told you to stay away from it. Which, of course, made you desperate to ride your bike past… slowly. But you’re all grown up now and clothing-optional beaches aren’t the perve-fests some people would have you think. Many are family-friendly, and most naturist and nudist groups are all about body positivity and living in harmony with nature. Who doesn’t love that?

Want to give it a shot? Pack your sunscreen and your manners, cos we’re taking you to 9 of our fave Aussie beaches for getting an all-over tan.

1. Little Diggers Beach

Diggers Headland Place, Coffs Harbour, NSW

At low tide, climb over a few rocks and you’ll probably have this secluded little spot all to yourself. The waters are calm and the people are chill. Just try not to make any Big Banana jokes until after you leave… 🍌

2. North Swanbourne Beach

Swanbourne, Perth, WA

Tucked away behind the army barracks, in one of Perth’s most posh suburbs, the wild waters of Swanbourne are just the thing for a bracing nudie dip. Keep your clothes on until you get past the yellow bins, then settle into the golden sands of an au naturel beach with a solid rep for being non-creepy.

Swanbourne Beach. Head to the north end to nude it up 😉

3. Cobblers Beach

Middle Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Have you ever heard of a more appropriately (and lol-worthily) named naturist beach? Cobblers is chilled-out and family-friendly. If you’re a newbie nudie, why not take your first plunge at the annual Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim? Spectators aren’t welcome – it’s nude up or move along.

4. Maslin Beach

Main South Road, Maslin Beach, South Australia

Get your history on (and your gear off) at Australia’s first official nude swimming spot – Maslin Beach, which was declared ‘unclad’ in 1975. Check out the annual Maslin Nude Games (renamed from the Nude Olympics after the actual games committee complained). It’s all good, clean, totally naked fun, with three-legged races and ‘best bum’ competitions.

Maslin Beach, looking gorgeous.

5. Alexandria Bay

Noosa Heads, Queensland

Surprisingly, the Aussie state most famous for beaches – i.e.: QLD – is the only one that doesn’t have an official nude beach. Maybe they’re all scared of the potential sunburn? Ouch! But Alexandria Bay is QLD’s most popular unofficial naturist beach. You’ll have to trek through Noosa National Park to get there, so make sure you wear some comfy walking gear (at least until you hit the beach).

Alexandria Bay, QLD’s unofficial nudie capital.

6. Samurai Beach

545 Gan Gan Road, Port Stephens, NSW

A quick dip or sunbake is one thing, but if you want to go seriously next-level, nude camping is all the rage at Samurai (also called North One Mile) Beach. Regulars call this pristine spot a “textile-optional campground” and you’ll need a 4WD to get there. Pro tip: Samurai has won some loyal fans, who go back year after year. It’s a great place to make friends and catch-up with nudie buddies, although if you’re a newbie you might want to learn more about the naturist community before you go.

7. Baker’s Beach

Baker’s Beach Road, Baker’s Beach, Tasmania

Baker’s is a stunning little Apple Isle beach that seems to stretch on forever. It also comes with a dash of controversy. For years, a Tassie naturist group has been trying to have Baker’s declared the state’s first official nude beach, but they’re facing stiff opposition (all puns intended). However, it’s still a fave with locals, who look for quiet spots down the south end of Seven Mile Beach to nude up. Just keep it on the DL 😉

8. Birdie Beach

Munmorah State Recreation Area, Wyong, NSW

A great one for newbie nudies who are feeling a bit shy. Head north from the area closest to the car park, towards the rock pools. There you’ll find heaps of friendly and supportive regulars and couples. Birdie Beach is perfect for a classic Aussie beach walk, sans clothing.  But shoes are NOT optional on the jagged rocks – eek!

Birdie Beach, NSW. Watch out for rocks!

9. Balding Bay Beach

Magnetic Island, Queensland

This one’s a bit of a trek, but we promise it’s worth the effort. You’ll need to catch a ferry from Townsville, and then there’s an hour’s walk to Balding Bay, where you can finally liberate yourself from your clothes. Balding Bay Beach is pretty secluded, so it’s perfect for those who like to nude up in private. Plus it’s absolutely gorgeous – just the spot to get back to nature.

Get back to nature at Balding Bay Beach, QLD.

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