A New lastminute lovely!

The lastminute lovelies have some exciting news… We are proud to announce that this month we have a new team member. She is a feisty red-head from Indonesia with a passion for food. We’re talking of course about our newly adopted infant orangutan, Miriam.

Miriam’s story

up close and beautiful

Miriam was born in the wild in Eastern Sumatra, Indonesia, in May 2007. Tragically, her mother died of a mystery illness just a few months after her birth. Miriam resides at the Batu Mbelin Orangutan Centre near North Sumatra, where she receives the best care and may one day return to the wild.

There’s something about Miriam

We’ve discovered some fun facts to give you a little insight into Miriam’s personality:

Food, glorious food – She is a good eater and always finishes her food. If it’s a fruit she particularly likes, she will collect as much as she can and hoard it with both her hands and feet (you go girl!)

our adoption certificate

What a sweetheart – Miriam is kind and never fights back or disturbs the other orangutans.

Bold and beautiful – She has a bold personality, but if she wants something and doesn’t get it she will often cry (who knew that orangutans cry?)

Sharing is caring – Miriam shares her food with her friends Hugo, Fren, Manohara, and Mambo (too cute).

Why are we getting behind this cause?

According to the United Nations, orangutans are predicted to be the first great ape to go extinct in the wild if urgent action is not taken.

The greatest threat to these gorgeous creatures is from deforestation, mainly caused by illegal logging activities (more on this in a future blog post).

Adoption funds go directly towards helping infants whose care at these centres is costly and requires:

swinging in the trees

• Food
• Nappies (!)
• 24 hour staff
• Nurse care
• Laboratory care

These measures help ensure Miriam and her orangutan pals are in the utmost health and hopefully return to the wild one day.

How you can help too

The Australian Orangutan Project (AOP) is a not-for-profit organisation, supporting orangutan conservation, rainforest protection and the reintroduction of orphans in order to save the species from extinction.

There are plenty of ways to help including:

Adopting your own infant orangutan (for the small price of $55) you can make a real difference and help these infants survive.

Becoming a registered supporter of the Australian Orangutan Project (from $50 per year) or,

• Simply make a donation

More details can be found here:

We’ll keep you updated on Miriam in the coming months!

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