8 unique things to do in Japan – Hai!

If you need another reason to go to Japan (apart from the delicious food and amazing culture), then you’ve come to the right place. 


There’s something about Japan that captivates mind, body and soul – just ask Mitzi. From Sumos to snow monkeys, this list of Japan’s most unique activities is for you:

Meet a real life Sumo Wrestler

Yes – in person! They live in a place called a ‘Heya’ which translates to ‘sumo stables’ and on this awesome tour you’ll be able to see their morning training regime (Asa Geijo), learn what they eat and what they do once they’ve finished practice. 

Sumo Wrestling | Japan |

Get a Samurai Sword lesson from a Kill Bill choreographer!

Hell yes – who hasn’t tried to do the Kill Bill moves?!  Now you can learn from an actual sword master. Go home and impress all your friends with your new moves and maybe even try out for a few movies, who knows, you might get a part 😉

Samurai Sword Lesson | Japan |

Calm things down with a Matcha Tea ceremony experience

Learn about the traditional preparation, history and philosophy of green tea from a tea master in a super chilled tea room. By the end of this experience you’ll be a matcha tea connoisseur 😉

Matcha Tea | Japan |

Watch a traditional Japanese Cabaret show

Let your hair down and enjoy a traditional Cabaret where you’ll be able to eat and drink while watching a colourful performance that takes you into the Meiji era.  Think dancing, beautiful costumes, elegant geishas and even Japanese drag queens. 

Japanese Cabaret | Japan |

Visit the famous Snow Monkeys – Nagano

You’ve probably seen photos of cute, fluffy monkeys surrounded by snow, soaking in onsens (you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t!). This is an absolute must when travelling in Japan. The monkeys are unconcerned by people watching them bath, play, fight and feed all day and my goodness they are CA-UTE!

Snow Monkeys | Japan |

Become a Ninja

Prepare your mind for what is the beginning of your journey to becoming a Ninja. You’ll get to wear a traditional Dogi (training outfit), learn meditation and Kujikiri (hand gestures to strengthen your mind). You’ll also get to throw ninja stars – um hell yes!

Ninja Training | Japan |

Geek out in Akihabara

Akihabara, aka electric town is the place to go if you love gadgets and tech. On this tour you can surround yourself with electronics, anime characters and themed cafes. You’ll also get the chance to dress up as your favourite anime character and get photos in character – ahh! 

Akihabara | Japan |

Wander around in a Kimono 

Dress up in a traditional kimono and explore the streets of Tokyo in your new outfit. You get a professional stylist to help you get ready who will teach you about the diferent fashion styles for men and women.You can also get hair and make-up styling to make you look every part traditional – count us in!

Kimino | Japan |

Have you have a unique activity that’s not on the list? Let us know by tweeting us @lastminute_au. 

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  1. Very Hungry Nomads

    Great blog post! We loved Japan! Such a beautiful country and yes Akihabara is worth checking out! Maybe visiting a typical Japanese Onsen would add to a real local experience. 🙂 Not for the shy ones.

  2. Blair Rainbow

    What about riding go carts on the streets of Tokyo through Akihabara and Shibuya dressed in Super Mario Bros outfits. Unreal !

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