7 reasons why travelling is healthy for you

If you have a boss that’s a little stingy with the annual leave approvals, a bestie that needs a bit more convincing or parents that keep saying “But you JUST went on a holidays!” then read on…

Just in case you don’t have enough reasons already, here are some perfectly sensible excuses to convince even the most stubborn of bosses/pals/Mums and Dads, that you really really NEED that holiday you’re eyeing off 😉

1. Fresh air (say goodbye to that tuna sandwich office smell)

Every human needs it, especially us office workers. Fresh air does wonders for your skin, your brain and your stress levels. It’s a simple thing, but a little extra oxygen and a few deep breaths of the clean, crisp stuff of the great outdoors is good for the soul.

Inspo: Breathe in all the fresh air in New Zealand

2. Active lifestyle without the gym

Since you’re on holidays, you won’t be stuck in traffic for a couple hours a day or sitting at your desk eating all the foods you’re probably not going to work off later. You’ll be outside, exploring new cities and swimming in calm lakes or even cycling around the Grand Canyon! If you’re more into the party side of things, you’ll be dancing like a maniac in sweaty clubs and walking home from the bar – plenty of exercise! Sneaky tip, stay hydrated! #waterisyourfriend 😉

Inspo: You’ll get plenty of exercise party style on the Gold Coast and there’s loads of outdoorsy activities on the Sunshine Coast

3. Vitamin D – hells yeh!

Since you’ll be outside exploring and relaxing you’ll be soaking up all of the much needed vitamin D that #officelife so cruelly took from you. Just remember to slip, slop, slap! Returning home with sunburn isn’t the souvenir you’re after! 

Inspo: There’s tonnes of Vitamin D to be found in Queensland

4. You get some of that much needed ‘you’ time

Pretty much everyone you talk to will tell you they’re too busy to have proper time to themselves to just c h i l l o u t and reeelaaaax. That’s where our bestest buddy ever comes in – Mr Holiday! There’s no nagging, long commutes or boring lunches when Mr Holiday is here. He’ll let you take all the time you need to get ready, lay on the beach that extra 20 minutes and won’t say no to those three extra cocktails you’ve been eyeing off 😉

Inspo: Relaxing holiday in Fiji, here we come!

5. Social media detox – hallelujah!

Let’s face it, we all spend WAY too much time staring at our phones on social media (let me tell you, when you work in social media, you’re especially guilty!). While the temptation is there to make everyone totes jealous of your amazing holiday with frequent updates, my hot tip is to post no more than once a day then step away from the phone. Those Facebook posts about  your sister’s, best friend’s cousin’s baby and the selfies of your loved up colleague with her new BF will still be there when check in later. The need for senseless scrolling is gone, feel the FREEDOM! 

Hot tip: Do yourself a favour and only post snaps while in flight mode and load them when you’re in wifi range 😉

Inspo: Bali is the perf place for a social media detox and amaze Instagram pics! (which you’ll upload after your detox 😉 )

6. More of those much needed zzz’s

I’m not one to say no to extra sleep, especially if I get to wake up to the sound of the waves crashing against the sand or the chirps of birds in the trees. Do you even remember what it’s like to not wake up to an alarm? Holidays are THE best for guilt free sleep-ins surrounded by plush pillows and warm blankets that seem to magically wrap themselves around you perfectly. Sweeten the deal and get room service brekky straight to your bed. 

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7. Happiness – it comes in many forms

Travelling is the perfect ingredient for happiness, arguably more so than cute fluffy kittens, perfectly decorated donuts, getting into a bed with fresh sheets and finishing work on Friday arvo. Travel gives you a kind of happiness unlike any other: it fills you with new experiences, it brings a smile to your face for years to come when you’re telling unforgettable stories, and scores you new friends all over the globe.

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Why do you think travel is healthy for you? Do you have any more reasons you think we should add to the list?

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