7 photos that will make you want to visit Tropical North Queensland

There is just something stunning about images of perfect beaches, lush rainforests and marine life that makes you want to pack your bags, book your tickets and just go. Tropical North Queensland is that place.

Tropical North Queensland is everything you’d expect it to be and more. From the lush Daintree Rainforest to amazing Great Barrier Reef, you’ll constantly be in surroundings that make you feel like an ultimate explorer and maybe even inspire you to be a mermaid!

Fitzroy Island


Crystal clear water on Fitzroy island! Perfect for making some new underwater friends

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It’s easy to see why Fitzroy Island is on everyone’s to do list when they visit TNQ. It’s a tropical paradise filled with rainforest, beaches and (pretty much) all day perfect sunshine. Fitzroy Island is a short 45 minute ferry ride from Cairns, which means a day trip is definitely on the cards! You’ll probably end up staying a few nights, it’s just that amazing.


Cairns is the gateway to Queensland’s Tropical North and is super easy to get to from any capital city in Australia. There are tonnes of places in Cairns that offer activities both on the water (or in!) and also on land. Snorkelling is an absolute must do. Swimming with majestic sea turtles and through the coral has got to be at the top of your TNQ bucket list.

Daintree Rainforest


Lush #daintreerainforest #junglesurfing #capetribulation

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Once you’ve seen some of the amaaaazing beaches that TNQ has to offer, you NEED to explore the lush Daintree Rainforest. Situated right next to another world heritage listed site, the Great Barrier Reef, it’s equally as stunning. With wildlife, history and waterfalls, the Daintree will not disappoint you.

Great Barrier Reef


Not until you fly over the Great Barrier Reef do you get an understanding of how vastly beautiful it really is.

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Everyone knows about The Great Barrier Reef, if you don’t then you need to get your Google on. It is simply one of THE most stunning reefs in the world and it’s right on Queensland’s doorstep. The diverse habitat that provides homes to many many species of fish, marine animals, unique corals and more. This is definitely a trip you need to do at least once in your lifetime but our bet is once you’ve seen it, you’ll be thinking of excuses to return and soak up the beauty.

Palm Cove

If you want to step away from the city of Cairns for a bit, head to Palm Cove. It’s a quiet and relaxing village by the sea and is the perfect paradise if you are wanting to wind down and relax. There’s so much to do in Palm Cove from fishing to shopping and swimming. It’s also a very popular spot for nuptials, if wedding bells are in the air.

Port Douglas


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By now, you should definitely want to be in Tropical North Queensland but if not…Port Douglas will make you want to be there right now! There’s the famous 4 Mile Beach, amazing weather and starry nights and you’re so so close to the Great Barrier Reef and Cape Tribulation. You have everything you want, right on your doorstep.

Cape Tribulation


How good is North Queensland… I just want to be on this boat soaking up the sun! Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation, Australia

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Cape Tribulation is in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest and is surrounded by some of the oldest rainforest on the planet. You won’t  get bored… From snorkelling through the Great Barrier Reef to ocean kayaking, exploring the rainforest, to crocodile spotting and once you’ve done all that you can sit back and relax on stunning beaches. Ahhhh pure bliss!

Have you been to Tropical North Queensland? What was your fave part?

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