5 travel mantras to make you #livelastminute

“Dream. Believe. Dare. Do.”

That was Walt Disney’s mantra. I reckon Uncle Walt was on to something. After all, the dude pretty much created an empire based on these four words and now has many magical kingdoms around the world (see Los Angeles, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong).”

Let us go on a little journey my friends, a journey to become your own travel guru. Channel some feel good vibes and release your inner wanderer to discover your travel mantra. You never know, you might just be inspired to book that trip you’ve been dreaming of today 😉

The mantra you choose might teach you a little lesson on etiquette.

Travel mantras #livelastminute

Or just give you some good feels.

Travel mantras to live life by

It could be two words – simple as that.

Travel mantras to help you #livelastminute

Maybe you need a kick up the butt to go someplace that’s not Ramsey Street.

Travel mantras -

Whatever your mantra is – make sure you live by it.

#livelastminute and follow these travel mantras

What’s your travel mantra? Tell us in the comments.


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