48 hours in Melbourne with World of Wanderlust

I’ve always liked the idea of arriving in a city with nothing planned. No hotel booked, no fixed plan to get to myself into the city, and no idea what I’ll do when I get there.

So when threw me a challenge to live life spontaneously with a whirlwind getaway to Melbourne using a good old-fashioned Magic 8 Ball, their site and of course all of your recommendations to make my decision for me, I was game!

My guidelines for the trip were pretty simple: arrive with no plans, do not go anywhere I’ve been before, and have a willingness to say yes to anything thrown my way. I could book everything and anything last minute, but nothing could be done in advance. So… how much fun could I get up to in Melbourne in 48 hours with the brief?

Read the full blog here: World of Wanderlust – 48 hours in Melbourne

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Brooke enjoyed these amazing Melbourne experiences:

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