Travel remains a priority for Australian consumers

According to a survey of 4100+ people by leading travel and lifestyle site, Aussie’s love affair with travel continues, with almost one in two Australians (44%) saying taking a holiday at least once a year is the one thing they will never scrimp on. Many are also reluctant to scrimp on weekend trips away (15%).

According to the 2015 survey of 4100+ people, Australian’s will never scrimp on: 

1.     Taking a holiday once a year – 44%

2.     Weekend trips away – 15%

3.     Going out for drinks with friends – 13%

People are, however, willing to make sacrifices on other lifestyle choices to fuel their desire to travel.

The top things we’re willing to cut back on to travel:

1.     Shoe shopping – 97%

2.     The latest tech gadgets – 97%

3.     Driving to work and paying for parking – 96 %

4.     Gym membership or personal training – 96%

5.     Fine dining at least once a month – 93% spokesperson, Kate Norris, says the research shows Aussies will do almost anything to travel, including giving up trips to the gym and the latest gadgets: “From ticking-off New York City or Paris, to spontaneous long weekends in the Hunter Valley or Byron Bay, Aussie have a huge appetite for travel at home and overseas”. data shows 41% of Aussies plan to holiday in Australia at least once every three months in the year ahead; and almost one in three (32%) of people plan to travel domestically once every six months. data also reveals strong demand for international travel in the year ahead as well, with one in five (21%) Australians planning to holiday overseas twice in the year ahead, and 58% of people wanting to holiday overseas at least once in 2015.

“Saving your pennies is a great idea, as it allows you to be spontaneous when a great deal hits your in-box. There are plenty of hot bargains to be had on, especially if travellers are flexible with their travel dates, and able to take a spur of the moment escape,” said Kate Norris.

If you’re scrimping and saving for your next trip, also has some money-saving ways to help travellers travel luxe for less:  

Live lastminute:

One of the best ways to save money on travel is to be spontaneous. If you’re after a beach break and there’s a sale on flights to Bali, snap up that bargain rather than spending more on say Bora Bora. Living last minute will satisfy both your travel bug and inner budgeter.

 Travel mid-week:

If your schedule allows for it, take off on a Sunday and arrive back on a Friday: it’s annual leave but you’ll avoid the crowds and travel can be more cost effective weekdays. And you’ll get the weekend to unpack and get ready for the work week.

Avoid peak season:

When researching accommodation, you’ll quickly see that prices change dramatically depending if you travel within the low, shoulder or peak season. A smart way around getting around soaring rates is to book a few days before or after the peak travel period. Prices will be significantly lower and the weather likely to be the same.

Live every last  minute: 

As soon as you see a hot deal, snap it up! An easy way to find these deals is to follow travel brands like either by signing up to the newsletter or engaging with their profiles on Facebook, Twitteror Instagram. This way you’ll be one of the first to know when sales are released.

Keep an eye out for bonus inclusions

Everyone loves a freebie and travel is no different. As well as the traditional buffet breakfasts, wifi and airport transfers, hotel providers are also getting more creative and competitive with what they offer  with perks from theme park tickets, to free cocktails, high tea and yoga classes sometimes included. Keep your eye out for deals with bonus inclusions and put those dollars in the holiday kitty for further fun stuff on arrival. 

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Follow the strength of the Aussie dollar

Now is the time to enjoy the luxury of travel in your own backyard, get out there and see Australia! However if your heart is set on overseas travel, check out the currency-favourable destinations of the moment to make your AUD stretch further at the moment (for example, the Aussie dollar is at 79c against the greenback at the moment, so now is a pretty good time to take a spontaneous US trip!).

*According to’s 2015 Travel + Lifestyle Report which surveyed 4100+ Australians.